Posted by: madkentdragon | October 8, 2012

The Poor and Pensioners Are Always With Us

Silly season is upon us – sorry conference season, the time where politicians of all shades tell us how they are going to save the nation – until they get into power!

Today was “bash the benefit cadgers”; I know that welfare payments cost a fortune – we all do because it’s splashed over the newspapers every day.

Yes, we need to save money – but who got us into this mess? If the government appointed FSA had used proper oversight then surely the “corporate casinos” could not have lost more than they could afford to and then use our money to bail them out.

Then it was decided that because we were running short of money and we were going to balance our books immediately – not bit by bit. The result of this is that more companies have either gone broke or downsized, this has resulted in more unemployment and part time jobs; resulting in more “feckless unemployed”.

No, I’m not calling them that – but that was the inference by George Osborne today in his speech, after all these people do have to claim some money to live – not many have a million or so in the bank to rely on – oh and don’t have any more children because we won’t help you!

I’m sorry but the inefficiency of the last government and the blinkered upper class views of this one have brought this country to this state, not the unemployed nor the youngsters who can’t get a job – nor the pensioners who now have to work longer for their pension.

Pensioners claim their old age pension, free prescriptions and – shock horror a bus pass! The basic pension isn’t a great amount and many have paid into a second pension at work and don’t claim any extra benefits apart from the winter fuel allowance and that bus pass.

I think something needs to be explained about bus passes, it has to be applied for to your local council and in many areas there is a time restriction on when it can be used, also it is not a pre-loaded ticket, so unless you apply for it and use it, it actually costs no more than the production and postage of it. Can you see the richer pensioner forsaking a nice comfortable car to wait in the cold for a bus that can be late and over crowded – I can’t!

Yes, I agree the winter fuel allowance is paid to all, but quite honestly with the way that the government runs, it may cost more to set up a means test to assess this – and how many times will it be appealed against? The only way would be to give the allowance to those who claim the additional supplementary pension or housing benefit and ignore the rest – but would that be fair?

Now I’m going to suggest a different way to sort the country’s finance –

First, stop giving aid to overseas governments unless you can prove it is being used to help the needy – but wait a minute – can we have aid to help ours? OK most aren’t in that bad a place, but money should go via accountable charities to help overseas; not to governments. That would save a few millions.

Secondly, get out of the EU, we pay a net price annually of about £4 billion – that’s net – not gross, i.e. what we pay less what we receive back in grants, now what could we do with that amount of money? The farmers would still get their grants and recent figures show that we are selling more outside the EU than in it, but our blinkered politicians won’t give us the chance to have a referendum. The latest promise of one has been moderated to read the first Tuesday in March, if the wind is coming from the south and there is a full moon.

That £4bn would resolve most of our problems over the next few years, and there would be more jobs available for the unemployed and training for the youngsters – there will always be some who won’t work – but “The poor are always with us”


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