Posted by: madkentdragon | October 10, 2012

Police Commissioner Elections, Wading Through Treacle Backward & Blindfolded

There will soon be elections for the new post of Police Commissioners for each Constabulary in the country, The date set for the election is 35 days away on 15th November, but how many know this or who is standing for election and what their powers are?

I have received nothing in the post about this, in fact I am not sure who my candidates are – does any one?

I know some will be politically motivated and others are independent, I have heard of one or two who have decided not to stand, because if it’s a well known figure there’s some publicity in local papers and on the TV – but can we please have a list of all the candidates.

I understand that they will be in charge of budgets and management of the police, but doing what exactly? When I hear “Police Commissioner” I think of Batman and the Commissioner switching on the bat-light – sorry, but unless you give me a run down of the powers, not some homogenised blurb – and who is standing with their biographical details, I won’t have a clue!

Now, as any one who reads my blog knows, I try to keep up with the news, but this is like wading through treacle backward and blindfolded.

The point is is this, how can we know who to vote for and what we are voting for unless we are informed, if not the elections will be a joke and people will not bother.

Government, this was your idea – stop waffling and get your act together and tell us plebs who, what, why and when please.



  1. You have said everything and asked the questions but as we both know the public only get to hear what they are told not the truth. I wonder when politicians, police and others will tell it as it is. We are united well done again

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