Posted by: madkentdragon | November 1, 2012

Finally – Recognition that the EU is Expensive

So the House of Commons has finally agreed with the majority of the British public, we don’t want to pay the EU billions of pounds for them to tell us what to do. At last, there is recognition that the austerity imposed in this country should also be imposed on the bureaucrats of the European Union.

Let’s put this in perspective, the European Union Council has not had an audit of their funds signed off (agreed) by auditors for at least SEVENTEEN YEARS! How can this organisation ask for yet more money, when it cannot balance its books properly?

The 2010 accounts showed that £3.9 billion was spent against the rules, including procurement; remember this is the organisation that wants to control all the budgets in the euro currency area – but it can’t balance its own books!

Why should people have to suffer more and more cuts in public services to fund an over large, mis-spending organisation which expects more and more monies to be placed in its ever open hand. We need to fund our own poor and not the massive juggernaut of the EU that is rumbling towards its own destruction.

We cannot afford to be a member of an organisation that gives us no benefit at all, but empties our purse into its leaky coffers.



  1. Hi Pat, got a bit carried away replying to the above so it’s now my latest blog post. Thanks!

    • Have just read yours, although we may not agree on some points, you must admit that the amount we pay in would certainly cure a few of our own problems

  2. Then again the entire budget of the EU with a population of 500 million is little more than that of France or the UK each with not much more than 1/10 the population, or around 1% of total EU GNI. In that context even if we got a 100% rebate on our contribution, that would hardly make much difference to our public finances. If all that effort and energy that we waste in the UK castigating the EU instead was spent on our own affairs, I’m sure we would all be better off.

  3. We benefit so little from the EU, in fact more of our trade was outside the Union last year and although just over £1billion a day in payments into the EU may be a drop in the ocean to other countries – it would stop a lot of our cost cutting of police and welfare.
    The very fact that they want an increase in payments when most of the EU is suffering under austerity is not acceptable. They expect some countries to cut more and more – surely they should lead by example?
    I’m not saying this country is perfect, but how do we benefit by paying out even more money?

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