Posted by: madkentdragon | November 4, 2012

Next Sunday – A Plea

Next Sunday is the 11-11-11 2012, it is also Remembrance Sunday. It is the day when we “Remember the Fallen”, many will go to church or attend a Remembrance parade and even more will watch the Cenotaph on television. Of course there will always be those who do nothing and some even complain that some roads are closed as they head to the shops.

Poppies may or may not be worn, according to preference or meanness and despite all the information, many do not know why.

Now I’m going to ask you a favour, I don’t care whether you go to a church service or a Remembrance parade – I would very much like it if you did, but bear with me for a moment – I don’t care how you perceive your god to be, you could even worship the moon and believe it’s made of blue cheese – but one thing you should all do and that is PAUSE TO REMEMBER for two minutes at 11 o’clock next Sunday.

You see, it’s not just the dead of WWI or WWII that we remember, nor all the other conflicts since then – it’s the ones who come back wounded in body and mind and continue to suffer. It’s also those left behind, the widows and parent-less children with a perennial hole in their hearts who suffer loss, change of circumstances and can feel so very lost.

So please, please think on this as you rush about in the frenzy of your life, just take two minutes and pause to remember.

Me? I’ll be attending my local Remembrance parade with my poppy and remembering my Dad who came back a changed man and also all those I’ve met who needed some help in their life because of their service – and yes, I do believe in God.



  1. Perfect sentiment regarding Rememberence Sunday we should all take time to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice and those left behind, especially the bereaved and the injured.

    Excellent blog Pat!

    • Agree with you Michael and of course thanks Pat for the post.

      I suppose it’s better than nothing for people to think of these things on one day. It would be too much to hope for such things to play a larger role in our general consciousness.

  2. As always we will be watching on the service on tv and remembering my father in law Jack.

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