Posted by: madkentdragon | November 12, 2012

Another Soldier Died Today 11-11-12

As the politicians were stood round after the Cenotaph having a drink and chatting, another soldier was killed; he didn’t have the opportunity of standing there in a nice warm overcoat, trying to look solemn whilst laying a wreath in the public eye.

He was doing his duty – a duty that none of the politicians have ever done, yet it was these politicians who sent him there to be killed. In fact none of them have ever served in the military, so how can they understand properly what is happening out there if they have never done it and come to that, why are we still out there?

Are we really doing any good out there? I know we’ve built roads and schools and stopped some of the madness out there, but what’s going to happen when we leave – the Taliban will creep back out from under their rocks and burn the schools, threaten the locals and start running things again.

With the Afghan army and police being infiltrated and killing and wounding the UN forces, how much worse will it be when we leave?

How can we justify this any longer, the Taliban indoctrinate the young and vulnerable and hide in plain sight behind locals who end up being shot because of it, this causes anti-UN feeling which ends up causing more problems.

Their government sings to the tune of whoever plays the fiddle and will bow down to the Taliban as soon as we are gone. Bring our troops home – now!

How many lives have been lost or ruined because of this never ending conflict? How many more will be before they are withdrawn? It’s not just the bereaved, it’s the families trying to adjust to a badly wounded member and not just in body but in mind as well?

I’ve a better idea, instead of closing the coastguards, why not repopulate them with fully trained armed forces, the same with border patrols and more security at air and sea ports – yes they can do it – look at the Olympics!

And instead of spending all that money over in Afghanistan build the military decent housing with the savings – now there’s an idea! The home building will employ more people which will give a push to the economy as well.

So we could have better housed military guarding our borders and those of our protectorates and not trying to act as the world’s saviours. We can’t afford it, numbers are being cut and we are losing too many personnel; keep our troops safe.



  1. An impassioned, tear-jerking appeal that strikes me as really being about war in general, akin to the war poets. Bravo Pat and thank you. Could hardly agree more.

  2. You are so right call it a ‘home guard’ tactic, but they would be the right people. Well trained, at home with their families, much better than sacking those already in the army then sending the TA to replace them. Give those you want to stand down Home Duties then recruit others if you want to better to spend the money on UK’s security than squander it on foreign aid.

    Remember the just before WW2 that conservitive government had a go at getting rid of our armed services nearly cost us our freedom…..nearly!

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