Posted by: madkentdragon | December 8, 2012

8th December, My Rant for the Week

There have been three events that have made me very annoyed this week, the first is the tragic suicide of the poor nurse who was taken in by hoaxers who had no thought about the consequences of their actions when they made that “phone call” concerning the Duchess of Cambridge.

As far as I’m concerned, the fact that it was about a member of the royal family – although the reason for the call is not what has upset me, it is the attitude of those who perpetrated the hoax. It resonates with the attitude of those members of the press who had no concern about the people they were “investigating” but more about the increase in the sales of the paper or in this latest case to increase the advertising revenue.

What gives anyone the right to do more than gossip over the garden fence?

I agree that investigating wrongdoing needs different methods to reporting on a local fête, but there are laws to be obeyed, and impersonating the Queen or even Prince Charles to gain information is surely illegal, just as when a newspaper got information about Gordon and Sarah Brown’s sick child was wrong.

The extreme results of the radio prank highlights the lack of consideration and that all wrong doings create victims, how many others have committed suicide or contemplated it because of the actions of journalists? This is why the press must get their act together and create a watchdog with teeth that may need to include broadcasting as well – if not then the law must do it.

The second thing is George Osborne’s comment about his New Best Friend and feeling sorry for him going to work early in the morning whilst his so called feckless neighbour still has his curtains drawn.

If this person got to know his neighbours and stopped putting his nose in the air as he walks past the curtains, he may discover that it is the home of a shift worker or a nurse or even one of the few police officers left who work nights. Oh, I agree we will always have a few feckless unemployed who rely on the state, but just think of those who have recently lost their jobs, but what’s the point of getting up early – you will have to put the heating on and that costs money and, unless things have changed, the job centres aren’t open then either! Why get up early, when you can stay warm in bed before putting the heating on? Can you ring up an office concerning a job vacancy at that time or do you have to wait till gone 9 to do this?

Your New Best Friend’s neighbour can’t afford to get up at 7 for no good reason, George!

The third thing is the decision to allow same sex marriages in church, whether that’s right or wrong is not the point of my argument, but it is the fact that the government is saying one hand that we are now a secular society and on the other is trying to dictate to the churches what they can do. Since when does a leader of a secular society have the right to dictate to any church whether it be CofE, RC, Baptist or any other sect what they can or can’t do?

The one saying you should be remember Cameron is:

“Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s and unto God the thing’s that are God’s” Matthew 22:21; and if you want to govern a secular society – leave the churches to govern or mis-govern themselves.



  1. As always wonderfully written ;o) but as ever would have to disagree a little on the the third point, As It must be time for all religious organisations to be governed by the same discrimination laws we all have to live by Whether it be marriage or equal rights for any member of a congregation to be allowed to also run all the way to the top I.e Bishops ;o) XXX

    • I agree, but if the government are going to interfere, why haven’t they on bishops? They can’t have it both ways

  2. I am not always this late in reading your blogs but even a few days later it has a good ring and as always is concise and to the point. Well done Pat

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