Posted by: madkentdragon | December 17, 2012

Give The Disabled A Chance

I am extremely proud of all our Olympians and Paralympians, their determination and skill has produced wonderful results – and long may it continue.

Watching TV the other day, I can’t remember which programme it was; but there was a woman with MS and in a wheel chair who said “The trouble is they see all the disabled athletes and think we should all be able to do the same”, this lady was employed and worked in an office for which I congratulate her.

However, there is one difference between this lady and the Paralympians and that is the help the latter get with nutrition and physiotherapy. I am not complaining about it and they deserve this – but so do all disabled people.

Most disabled people are unable to work and, although ATOS expect them to, will never be fit enough and this is why:

Nutrition – on a low income you can only buy food that is cheap or on offer and not the muscle building, health enhancing top quality foods.

Physio – if you are lucky you may get a couple of sessions a year when you are at home – in hospital it can be rationed because of cost – and because most are on low incomes or even lower benefits, they cannot afford to pay privately.

Without these two essential needs met, muscles that are already weakened can start to fail and it would be impossible to get any employment, even though the powers-that-be decide otherwise.

So come on parliament – you can claim groceries as expenses – those on benefits can’t – so at least give them enough money to provide them with decent nutrition and perhaps the results will be that more will be fit to work. And at the same time ensure that there are enough physiotherapists to give the treatment that is so needed. Waiting for up to 18 months for an appointment is not acceptable.

Give the disabled a chance!



  1. Once again you have it right. My wife is disabled so I understand where you are coming from.

    I agree with you that the disabled are expected by this government to work but hey, try telling employers that you can do the job on offer even if you are disabled and we all know the reaction.

    Once again you have found an area that has been quietly ‘passed over’ perhaps if enough noise is made things will be put right.

    Give the disabled a chance is a good slogan.

    Merry Christmas one and all

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