Posted by: madkentdragon | January 18, 2013

Snow – Don’t Panic, It Won’t Last

Don’t panic, don’t panic Captain Mainwaring – it may be snowing, but you can’t have more than your coupon points say you can. Half a pound of mince and two nice lamb chops should see you and your good lady through the next few days, especially with whale meat available in the fish shop. I know it’s snowing, but if you get next weeks ration points as well, what about the others who haven’t got this weeks meat rations yet; any way I’m not allowed to do it”

It’s a pity shops don’t have that attitude now, seeing photos on line of shelves and freezers stripped bare, including the horse – beef burgers; so we’ve got some snow, OK it may last a few days and those in the north of Britain have evolved their own coping mechanisms as they are more used to the heavier falls.

But what about the rest of us, do you really need to squeeze that 10th loaf into the freezer – and it’s that economy bread that your family don’t like – and where are you going to put the dozen cartons of UHT milk that you grabbed on top of the three 6 or 8 pint pasteurised variety?

Oh look – you’re going to have to take one of those extra gateaux that you over bought at Christmas out and defrost it, what’s that – they really don’t like black forest gateau? Well it’s a case of “Let them eat cake” isn’t it.

I’m not saying don’t buy a bit extra, but was it really necessary to buy so much? Did you consider those who still had to shop? Did you even consider those on a limited budget when you grabbed those three economy loaves of the shelf – you know they will probably end up in landfill!

What about the elderly or disabled who have to rely on public transport which slows down to a snail’s pace or even stops at the first snowflake, they may have to rely on the good will of neighbours to get their meagre essentials in – they would have been glad of that last cheap loaf and carton of UHT milk that you thoughtlessly stuffed into your trolley.

And what are you going to do with it? The family hate it in their tea and coffee, you’ve already got 18 pints of fresh milk in, that may just about keep – the sell by date is Monday – Oh, you forgot to check! That UHT milk will probably sit in your cupboard until the date has expired and end up in landfill.

Let’s be honest, by the middle of next week the snow will be a distant memory and you will be back shopping again, moaning because you can’t get everything in your freezer.

I’ve got two suggestions for you – shop considerately, make sure others have a chance of picking up essentials as well as you and secondly – take a loaf and a carton of UHT along to the disabled/elderly person in your road, they will be glad to see you and will offer to reimburse you. There didn’t that make you feel better.

Finally, if all else fails, and like another lemming you follow the herd and over buy – there’s always food banks who would be most grateful for your rashness.



  1. Thanks Pat for another pithy and acerbic blog post, full of dry humour, even satire. Speaking of rationing, a novel I’d recommend in a similar style:

    Miss Ranskill Comes Home by Barbara Euphan Todd | Persephone Books

  2. once again you have hit the nail. but dont forget the flooding after got your boat ready??? lol x

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