Posted by: madkentdragon | February 26, 2013

Afghanistan – How Many More Times Do We Have To Say This?

This is not a knee jerk reaction as, if you are a regular reader of my posts, you will know I have advocated getting out of Afghanistan many times before –

But – Having watched the disturbing story on Panorama, I am so very annoyed that so many service personnel of ours and our allies lost their lives or were badly injured for what?

I’m not against defence and as many of you know, one of my sons served in Bosnia and Iraq, but what were we doing there?

The story varied from removing the poppy fields to “winning hearts and minds” – so what have we actually done?

The culture in that part of the world is so very different to ours that at times it seems as if it is not just the language that is different but the complete mind set.

Nations have been trying to sort out Afghanistan since the turn of the previous century, my grandfather was there in the late 1890s, and since then many have tried and failed, leaving their blood and wrecked machinery in the dust as the only souvenir.

I’m begging the government to get our troops out now – not next year but NOW, because as soon as we turn our backs on them, the taliban will creep back in and dominate the country again. Why waste one more life or injury for this?

Then there was the disturbing paedophilia incidents mentioned in the film and the so-called officers of the national force did nothing! It’s sickening, but apart from dropping an A-bomb on them all there is nothing we can do if they refuse to deal with it themselves. Not that I would like to see an A-bomb dropped, but I hope you get my meaning.

There must be some decent people in the country, but they are too busy protecting their own families and earning a living to stand up to these uniformed monsters, it is has exposed the worst of them and I hope and pray that one day the decent people in that country will have a chance to live safe lives. But it is a change that they need to bring about themselves, primarily by ridding themselves of the corruption.

Our sons and daughters, husbands and wives can do no more there, bring them home and instead of sending money to keep that corrupt government and its minions in power – lets face it as soon as we are gone they will be shaking hands with the taliban – use that money to make sure our injured service personnel do not have to fight for their disability allowances.

The rest of the money can be used to make sure all service personnel have decent living quarters and a good redundancy package.

Afghanistan is our Vietnam, get out of it now!



  1. I watched, shaking my head in disbelief. What are our soldiers, including the incredible American armed forces, risking their lives for??

    The corruption and abuse perpetrated by so-called officials makes me question why the allies are there. What can they possibly hope to achieve if their hands are tied?

    The BBC later reported on what’s going on in Syria – a major crisis which the EU and allies have largely left well alone. Daily war crimes, murdering innocent people – all sanctioned by the state… What a mess the world is in.

    At the very least, we should pull out of Afghanistan and let them sort out their own situation having tried to help them for over 100 years. Enough is enough…

    • This is such a contencious subject as we are all asking this question and as usual this government has gone deaf. It seems that no one listens to the general public – look at Wootton Bassett, they showed how the country felt so they were made a ‘Royal’ and the bodies were flown into another base, but have you noticed something strange? Since that time we do not get to hear of our boys and girls coming home – could it be that this was another government plan to shut us all up? Out of sight out of mind???

      I am an ex-service man and I get so angry at all this waste of human life I agree get us out NOW

  2. I have been saying this for ages. We always seem to be dragged into wars that really have nothing to do with the UK just because of the politicians.

    You are quite right about the taliban they will go back and no doubt be welcomed. I have heard from a friend just what the effects of these wars can have on our boys and girls. Some have big problems dealing with the things they have seen or had to endure, not to mention those who are badly injured and return to a country where they get little or no help from the government that sent them there. Where is the housing for these people and the support? if it was not for organisations such as BLESMA, The Royal British Legion and The Salvation Army no help would come from the government, as with the first world war so much cannon fodder.

    I totally agree with yourself and Nikki ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

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