Posted by: madkentdragon | March 12, 2013

More U-Turns and a Few Home Truths

So we have more “U-turns”, the so called bedroom tax will not be applied to parents of a service person, a disabled child, or foster parents – quite right too! These deductions should never have been applied in the first place – but these allowances are for those who live in social housing, will they also apply to those who already “pay the bedroom tax” – that’s those who live in the privately rented houses?

Those who, because there is not enough social housing, have taken the matter into their own hands and have rented privately already have housing benefit deducted for unused bedrooms. Will a parent of a disabled child etc. now receive the full housing benefit for that spare bedroom which is crammed full of medical equipment or clothes of the son or daughter away serving their country?

Most of these people would prefer the stability of a council or housing association house, but because so many were sold off and no building to replace them, have to rely on the unsatisfactory yearly tenancies of the private landlord.

These landlords are not letting their houses for the good of the people, but for the good of their pocket. One lady I know is suffering with her children because her boiler has broken down – social housing would either rush to repair or supply temporary heaters until the boiler could be repaired or replaced – but that would make a hole in the rent received by a private landlord and so they have to sit and shiver. Or like me put up with windows being replaced in February after months of waiting for a faulty window to be repaired.

So come on Government, will these tenants also receive the extra housing benefit?

And yes, welfare bills have gone up – sell off council houses and see private landlords let them out to desperate people, who are one millionth on the council waiting list, at an inflated rent, then bills will go up and landlords will get richer and richer.

So you have two options, keep paying inflated rent bills – and make sure that this bedroom tax is removed from those who qualify in the private housing, which will inflate welfare bills even more – or build more social housing now.

By the way, pensioners in private housing have paid “bedroom tax” for several years already!


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