Posted by: madkentdragon | April 25, 2013


Imagine waking up at about 8 o’clock on a Wednesday morning and waddling out of your bedroom in all your glory of a crumpled nightshirt and looking down the stairs to see your front door open. That’s exactly what happened to me yesterday morning!

I came rushing down the stairs to find that not only was the door open but so was the fanlight and casement windows – and my lap top was not on the table where I had left it the night before. With shaking hands I picked up the phone and dialled 999, it took three attempts because I kept dialling and then pressing the button to turn the phone off!

As I was talking to the person at the other end, who was extremely patient and helpful, I tried to pick my cigarettes and lighter off the table – now that hurt, because they weren’t there. Then I looked round and my purse had gone and a little box that was on the shelf that contained a front door key, a watch, some stamps, memory sticks with all my stories on and my bus pass – I thought that my new prescription had gone, but it hadn’t, thank goodness as I have COPD and diabetes as well as a few other niggles.

I was assured I had time to get dressed, so bundling some clothes together, I went into the bathroom, dressed and gave my face a look at the flannel and then made a coffee. Time to ring the family, one son in Wales was shocked and as he’s a bit fragile – dry alcoholic and other problems, he panicked and I ended up calming him down! Other son drove his council wagon back to the yard, picked up his car and came straight up to me – he was my rock that day.

We looked round and nothing else had been taken and then we noticed that my nebuliser had been unplugged, whoever had graced my home overnight had mistaken it for the laptop charger/lead, then we noticed that the lead was still plugged in, fortunately it was tangled up with the TV and Virgin box leads and they had been unable to take it.

A small victory for me, because I had always left the lead in the laptop and the battery no longer held the charge; so it wouldn’t be usable. Bank were helpful and cancelled my debit card immediately and you can be sure that I am keeping an eagle eye on my accounts.

I rang the insurance and the locksmith’s bill, watch, stamps and other small items were agreed on immediately, but I do have one problem – I think that I have thrown away the paperwork for my lap top; the guarantee had run out and in a rush of blood to the head when I cleared out other redundant paperwork, I have probably shredded it. So I may not be able to claim the insurance for that – so be warned ALWAYS keep the paperwork for things that you have in your house, no matter how old they are.

The police arrived and were very patient with me as I was a bit of a mess – it hadn’t helped that I had forgotten to eat and because my inhalers were on the table, I had been frightened to touch them; but a quick look at them by the police and I was told to use them.

Locksmith arrived and changed the barrel in the lock which I paid for and will claim back – I rent and had rung the estate agent for advice over this and A. Short Locksmith arrived and I now have a few spare keys which was more than I had before.

I know that there’s very little chance of finding the miscreant/s as gloves were worn and footprints to a generic trainer were found, but that was all – but I can always hope!

Once the police had left, James, my son, took me to the bank complete with cheque book and passport to get some money and off to buy a new laptop, I’ve now got to get used to using windows 8 and I don’t like it! Had Welsh son in hysterics as I was trying to find out how to turn it off last nigh.

I rang Sainsburys about my grocery order, but they couldn’t help me, you see I’ve no debit card now and so they can’t deliver – I even offered to pay for it before delivery at the local store – but no! So I had to catch a bus today and will do tomorrow to buy the stuff I need as I can’t carry too much in one go – no bus pass and it’s costing £3.20 return each time for a 5 bus stop ride to go shopping. I’m not one of these so called “wealthy pensioners”.

I have other, more expensive watches that have been given to me over the years, but my little £7.50 one with the expandable bracelet was in the box and I miss it – I miss the box that I’d bought at a boot fair, I knew where everything was! Before going out that little 1960s cigarette box would be taken off the shelf and my keys, bus pass and watch would be removed for use. It was only one of those fancy plasticky type boxes that graced a 1960s coffee table with matching lighter – but it was part of my life, part of me and I miss it more than the other more expensive things!

Why don’t they make purses with a change pocket any more, I couldn’t find one when I bought the new one.  A new key ring for the new key, it’s the little things like that which have annoyed me more than the big things. Of course during all the panic and the rushing out to buy new things, I forgot to eat and started to become hypoglycaemic which didn’t help much – silly me.

They missed my portable DVD player, the little digital radio that I bought half price in a sale and moved a vase when they climbed in the window – that vase was Italian lead crystal and was very expensive – I know because it was part of a retirement present and they had forgotten to take the price tag out – so these idiots had no sense or taste, I suppose my little 22 inch flat screen TV was beneath their notice!

Any way, thank you James for helping me and Paul, please stop worrying, I’m fine – shaken not stirred and definitely unbowed – my soul is in tact and things can always be replaced.


I slept a solid 8 hours last night and when a very nice man from Victim Support rang me, he ended up offering me a job!

So – a message to the house invaders, you may have taken my goods – but I’m still here and it will be you looking over your shoulders, not me!


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