Posted by: madkentdragon | April 28, 2013

What Use Are Party Politics in Local Elections?

Well, the local County Council Elections are coming up at the beginning of May and our television screens are adorned with all the leaders of the main political parties telling us what they have or are going to do in Westminster – but what has that got to do with how my County Council is going to do in my or your locality?

As far as I can see – nothing! They may say “We can’t do whatever, because of this/last government have caused constrictions on our budget” But that’s no use to me, nor to most people I know – why can’t they forget the red/blue/green/ purple/ skybluepink with the colour washed out politics and tell me what I want to know?

Why can’t Fred Bloggs who stands for the upside down wave your knickers in the air party come up to me and say, I want to help the County Council with the education department and this is what I propose to do, if I like his ideas, I would vote for him – even if he was wearing clown shoes and a bright yellow curly wig – because he cared and showed me a way forward.

The same with the perennial potholes in roads and pavements and Mrs Jane Doe from the stand on one foot came to me to tell me that she had worked out how to resolve this problem, I’d definitely vote for her no matter that she was wearing a tutu and odd shoes.

OK, those are extreme examples, they wouldn’t get anywhere because the main parties would vote against them on principal, even if they were the best thing since sliced bread!

You get my point thought, I hope – why can’t we have the best person to run transport, welfare, education etc. – no matter what party they are?

Party politics should be left to the bickering elite in Westminster who can’t govern unless they can blame the other side when things go wrong – but it’s not what I want for my county, borough or village.

That’s if I get any flyers through my door to tell me who the candidates are – out of 10 standing, I’ve only had three – and I’m a postal voter, so will soon have to send my vote off!

Finally, after a tour of Westminster by a group of young school children, one youngster opined that he wouldn’t mind being a politician “Because you can stand up and shout what you want without having to go to the headmaster” – now what does that tell you.



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  2. once again you have uncovered the plain truth Pat, but I wonder how many people will have the nerve or be brave enough to stand up and be counted? They have stood by and let this government gradually strip away their rights but come the revolution…. and if they try to tamper with the OAP’s revolution it will be. They can get away with making the young jobless and homeless, starve the people so they have to go to food banks and no one does anything. But the OAP’s we are different if there was a party of OAP’s run by OAP’s I’d be there advising using my Tony Blair years to point out the pot holes. Remember a needle is only a little prick is getting nearer.

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