Posted by: madkentdragon | May 9, 2013

Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms and Mixter?

Brighton and Hove have announced measures to assist the transgendered, there will be transgendered lavatories and the individuals can choose to call themselves “Mixter”.

As a straight, older female I find this puzzling and a bit worrying; not because I’m against transgendered, but I worry that it will cause more problems than it solves.

Before I go any further, I will point out that I used to know someone who had changed genders, the only problem I had with her was that she used to much perfume that caused me to cough and I had to open the window, no matter what the weather was, once she had gone; but I had to do that with one or two ladies as well.

I think, however, that most transgender people would prefer to live a quietly normal life and would like to choose who they revealed their medical problems to, and would be quite happy to call themselves either Mr or Ms. I am separated and quite happily use the title Ms and wonder why most would want to draw attention to themselves by calling themselves “Mixter”?

There will always be some who will prefer to stand out and use this new title, but I’m not sure that most would; as far as they are concerned, they had a problem which has now been rectified and want to get on with the rest of their lives and leave the past behind them.

The same with the lavatories, why not have unisex ones, spaced in between the other standard conveniences, we have all heard of “gay-pick-up lavatories” and about the other “delightful” people who hang around just to beat them up; don’t you think that these conveniences would also attract these thugs?

Sorry, Brighton, in an attempt to be more liberated, you have actually opened a can of worms and could lay these people open to discrimination by advertising their problems.



  1. Hi There,
    I would agree that Mixter is wrong, it is a blatant form of outing someone. A straight or as it is known cisgendered male or female would not use the term, they would use the terms Mr, Ms Miss or Misses.

    As a trans male to female, I want to blend in, not cause a fuss, or have anyone try and out me officially. I would not accept any term other than Ms as that is what I am, I am female with a birth defect,

    That I was born with my vag on the outside, no fault of mine, it is not like I did something to have this happen to me, I was and will forever remain female, and nothing/no one will change this, I could not be male.. What is that, to be male???

    The UK has this terrible thing called the GRC, gender recognition certificate, a letter that indicates you have had a gender change from the registered birth, as a UK citizen, and being trans, I will never have this letter, if it was law to carry it, I would burn it. Why transpeople would want this letter, is beyond me, if someone attacks you,or denies a service based on the trans status, then they have broken the law and should be prosecuted.

    Brighton and Hove, epic fail I am afraid.

    • Thanks for that, I was actually expecting an attack on this one. I don’t judge, but accept people as they are and wish others would do the same

  2. once again its this government being ‘politically correct’ in other words a minority foisting their own desires on the majority yet again. I just wonder when the people of England will do something about all this, as you say it is quite wrong even the Bible says so and you cant argue with that!!!

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