Posted by: madkentdragon | May 27, 2013

Let’s Stop The Hate

We were all upset and horrified by that terrible murder of Drummer Rigby by those two men, and I can understand the shock, horror and anger that such an attack can happen on the streets of this country of ours.

But is hate and vengeful retaliation really the way to deal with this? I think not, you see hate and revenge generate retaliation and then the misguided statements of these two murderers become more than misguided words – they become prophecies.

There are young men in both religions or who have no religion, disenchanted and adrift in the world who become attracted to the extremes of society and are flattered to be welcomed in and given a sense of belonging.

These, mainly young men, are usually on the outskirts of society or who have a sense of being outcasts and the societies that attract them are populated by others of the same ilk. Their leaders, who for some reason have hearts and minds full of hate use their members to propagate more hate and more extreme behaviour.

Please note that I have not differentiated between groups like the EDL and the Muslim extremists, because their mindsets are the same, their leaders have filled their heads with half truths and that is so much more dangerous than lies. Half truths have that tiny kernel of truth in them which is then twisted and bent into a shape suitable for their purpose. This is harder to disprove than a complete lie. How do we stop it? I don’t know – that is for wiser people than me to decide.

What we all can do is turn our backs on the hate, don’t let this turn into a war between brainwashed miscreants who can not see any further than the edge of their leaders’ wishes.

Stop the graffiti, whether on Mosque, Temple, War Memorial or Church – report it if you see it and stand up and be counted magistrates – the desecration, whether by a Muslim or by an Englishman is equally as bad and the punishments should be equal. 

Let’s put an end to the hate before it goes too far and let his family mourn in peace.


RIP Drummer Rigby



  1. If only, as long as ppl spouting rubbish etc there will always be issues, totally agree with u

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  3. I am so pleased to read your views on this horrendous act of murder. I personally could not comment for a very long time just shed some tears for a young man so proud to fight for his country.

    The problem lies not in the majority of people but in just a few blinkered men who want power. Suffice to say please take off the blinkers

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