Posted by: madkentdragon | August 22, 2013

Burgled! Result and Other Surprises

As any one who reads my blogs will know, I was burgled back in April this year, it was a shock to put it mildly, but I was determined not to be a “victim” and decided the best thing to do was just move on with my life – at the age of 65, I have had worse things happen in my life – and as it happens, worse things were still to come!

I cannot fault the police, they were helpful and kind at a time when I did need reassurance and have kept me updated. And yes – the perpetrators have been caught – I am going to collect some of my bits and pieces from the police station this afternoon, unfortunately not my original laptop, but I was not really expecting that to still be around.

I won’t go into all the details as it has not gone to court yet, but it appears that my burglary was one of thirty-plus that a gang of six or seven offenders had committed over a period of months; they had been squatting in an empty house nearby!

Two lovely young police women came out and I was able to identify quite a few of my items, which was nice. This may sound daft to some, but the key rings on the stolen keys were special to me as they had been given to me by grandchildren and I shall be over the moon to get them back. The keys are obviously useless as I had to have the locks changed.

The insurance company were very helpful and I was reimbursed for the locks, computer and the odds and ends I’d lost as well as the cash in my purse. My son, who had rushed to me from work on the day it happened had insisted that I buy a new laptop immediately to help me keep going, he knows that because I have COPD and at times find it difficult to go out – so the laptop can sometimes be my a “friend” to me – but I don’t like Windows 8!

A few days after the event, the Community Warden and the local youth worker came out and supplied me with some Smart Water, which I have used and is now registered for ID purposes with a security company. Whilst we were chatting over a cuppa – if you visit, you will always be offered a cuppa!

The youth worker was driving the warden round as the poor man had just recovered from a nasty illness and was not allowed to drive yet – unfortunate for him – but a surprising benefit to me! As we were chatting and I was bemoaning the loss of the memory sticks which held copies of all my posts and stories, the youth worker piped up, telling me about the computers that they had donated to the youth centre.

Apparently, they were only being used for a few hours a week and the local active retirement association had asked if they could use them, but were looking for someone to help them – he looked at me and I volunteered!

But – and there always has to be a but – in the meantime, my middle son became seriously ill, I have written a post on the worst of it – but to summarise, he’s a dry (for three years) alcoholic who also suffers from low white blood cell count – something he’s had since birth and in June, when he attended for his latest infusion was given B positive blood instead of A positive – he nearly died, his heart stopped so many times that the resuscitation attempts damaged his heart and he now has a stent, a combined pacemaker and defibrillator and his liver regeneration has slowed, but he is progressing slowly DV.

So now I feel able to concentrate on the “Silver Surfers” and will be running five sessions over two mornings and one evening a week, and because of my COPD, they will be giving me a lift to the youth club! I am looking forward to starting these courses in September and preparing the instruction sheets is keeping me busy.

So, burglars, you’ve got caught and I’m waiting for the court date to give evidence – and out of this disaster has come some light – I have a new interest in my life – I told you that you wouldn’t get me down!



  1. Pat, you are amazing – you go girl 🙂
    You’re an inspiration.

    • Thank you, it’s friends like you that give me the confidence to keep going

  2. Wow! What a time of it you have had. We had one of our work transit vans stolen, we are a small damp proofing company with just 5 staff. It was organised crime with over 30 vans in Kent being stolen just in one night? They found the site – confirmed some if our equipment was there (not the £4k of tools) – insurance yesterday Liverpool Victoria confirmed the will not be giving us a penny – we have list a £9k van – £4k tools and been hiring at £300 per week for 7 weeks. One minute they said yes – then changed their mind. Now having to instruct solicitors to act and borrow £5k to put a deposit on a new van …… At a total loss, upset, down, so many worry full sleepless nights and 30+ calls at least and now nothing. Am waiting for the silver lining ! …… Am sure it will come, fingers crossed & all the best for your PC sessions ! Annabelle

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