Posted by: madkentdragon | August 30, 2013

Dear Lord Ashdown, Ref Syria

United Kingdom

30th August 2013

Dear Lord Ashdown,

Re Syria and Chemical Warfare

I was not impressed with your appearance on the BBC News Channel this morning, please put a stop to your testosterone inflamed opinion and listen to what the majority of the British Public are saying.

We all acknowledge that chemical weapons have been used in Syria, but who used them?

Was it the Syrian government or was it the Taliban? Until the United Nations issue their report, we are dealing with speculation and spurious rumours.

You talk about established International Law, but fail to remember that this country, as a partner with the United States broke this law due to our interference in Iraq – and this was done on spurious information and rumours; well – once bitten, twice shy.

Also, you want to go in to this country – fair enough no British boots on the ground – yet, but have you established where these weapons are being fired from? If it’s revealed that it’s the Taliban using them – are they being fired from inside the country?

Then, may I ask, where are these chemicals being prepared? Syria has acknowledged that it holds these chemical weapons, but where? Or are you going to go in and bomb all government installations willy-nilly?

We have all learned from Iraq and Afghanistan that our people go into these countries and, after losing many lives, leave these countries still in turmoil – again look at Iraq, there’s hardly a day going past without us hearing about bombs going off and other terrorist related killings.

The situation in Syria is not like your oft quoted action on Bosnia, there are more than two factions involved and even when the situation quietens down, which faction will be in  charge and will it end up like Egypt has now?

There are too many uncertainties and the British Public do not like it – if you could hold up a piece of paper and say that there is definite proof that X used chemical weapons and manufactured and stored them in a depot in Y and the weapons or planes used to spread the chemicals launched or flew from Z, then we will probably change our minds.

Plus, if you could assure us that only the installations would be destroyed and no further innocent civilians would be injured then we would agree to action, until then, please stop it.


Yours Sincerely

A British Citizen



  1. I entirely endorse all you say here but would like to underline one things – your last paragraph. Civil war hurts people – badly. Chemicals are actually no better nore worse at hurting people than many other weapons so forget them for they are not what matters. It is the people of Syria – the ordinary mothers, fathers, children, workers, elderly – who matter. They matter so much that only someone with a proper understanding of the way people are in the middle east should interfere. We do not have that understanding and any intervention from us will only make matters worse and not better.

    Red lines in the sand are all about politics and have nothing to do with being humane.

    So, we should keep out (it is none of our business) but we should exert what diplomatic influence is left to us on the other countries of the middle east to try to persuade them to involve all sides in this war to seek a peaceful resolution. That is unlikely to happen but would be far more beneficial than us throwing a few missiles at the wreckage (most of which would, I fear, kioll or main more of those people of Syria.

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    I watched Paddy Ashdown this morning on TV in amazement. He sounded like the worst Tory in history and yet he claims to be a ‘liberal’. I no longer know what that word means after theree years years of Coalition government. Ashdown is a disgrace to his party . ..but read on. This blogger says it much better than I can…

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