Posted by: madkentdragon | October 13, 2013


Ah good, my lift has arrived, pity she parks on the other side of the road; I’ll just walk down so I’m opposite her and wait for the a gap in the traffic and get across to her. Oh good no traffic coming, but hang on those two cars coming up the road are going a bit fast, I’ll wait till they have joined the end of the queue before crossing. 

OK, time to cross …BANG!! What’s happened, why do I hurt and more to the point why am I sitting on the floor?

Why is the young woman crying and asking if I’m all right, why do I hurt so much – oh hell – I’ve been knocked down! I’m a RTA statistic, I know I forgot to do something, I know it’s my fault, but I can’t remember why!

Where’s my computer bag, file bag, hand bag and why haven’t I got any shoes on? How am I going to get to the Silver Surfers who are waiting for me to show them how to use their computers – and why am I still sitting in the middle of the road?

That woman tells me she is a nurse and wants me to lay down – NO! I hurt to much to move and I’ve got COPD, I’m not going to lay down – I tell her to see to the driver who is crying her eyes out.

Someone has rung 999 and a phone is placed in my hand, questions are asked, what colour have you gone – I can’t see what colour I’ve gone and no I don’t think I’ve lost a cupful of blood – it’s nearly dark and I can’t see it – where are my glasses? No I don’t think I lost consciousness, I don’t know if I hit my head, if I did it doesn’t hurt as much as my shoulder and my arm.

Policeman arrives, he puts all my bags by me because I’m asking for them, I tell him it’s my fault – don’t know why it’s my fault – but I know it is. My lady who was going to give me a lift appears and I tell her that I can’t do the computer session tonight, can she let them know – stupid statement wasn’t it, I was still sitting in the middle of the road!

Paramedic arrives, checks head and neck and agrees that I shouldn’t lay down, helps me off the road and in to her car, another siren – ambulance has arrived! Perhaps now I can find out what’s wrong with me, I ask them to look at the driver, she’s still crying.

In the car, the necessary forms are completed and the paramedic tells me it would be better to look at me in the ambulance because of the crowd – I point out I only live across the road, so the ambulance girl and the paramedic walk me across the road, with the nice policeman holding the traffic up for me – I felt stupid! Mind you not the first time I’ve felt stupid and probably won’t be the last.

They make me a coffee and check me over, stitches will be needed in my arm, the other is a mass of bruises, with more trying to come out on my shoulder and ribs – that’s going to be painful when I cough! They sort me out and sit and talk for a while and insist on calling out my son who lives nearby and then leave.

James, as usual acts as “Father” and tells me off! I tell him to shut up or go home, then the next paramedic arrives to put four stitches in my arm, he was very good and patient with me and all go, leaving me to ponder on the events.

As you can imagine, I didn’t get much sleep, but I did work out what happened – “Look right – all clear, Look left – all not clear … and I didn’t look right again!” The poor girl whose car hit me had only just come away from the red lights at the cross roads at the top of the road and turned in – to see me walking straight into her because she couldn’t stop in time and thankfully she wasn’t going very fast!

My laptop works OK, didn’t want to claim again – not after the burglary! I’ve bruises all down my right side where I collided with the car, all that’s wrong with the side that hit the road is a stitched cut on my arm!

I won’t be forgetting the Green Cross Code again, but really I think I’ll have to stop being so lazy and walk up to the lights to cross the road – serves me right! A few days later, I ache, my bruises are full of pretty colours, but in a few more days it will just be a memory – but my road safety must be more than that!



  1. Pat, oh Pat – and you were honest I must say. I’m sort of laughing at what you’ve written and crying at the same time for this woman sitting in the middle of the road with chaos all around her. I do so like you, woman. Irene xxx

  2. Never mind 50 shades of grey I bet you look like 50 shades of sunset. Oh Pat what are you like the only joy I get from this is you are ok.

    At least I can lecture about using the crossings lol. Having just come back from UK I never cease to be amazed at the volume of traffic and the speed they go at. We used a taxi when in London fairly scared the life out of us.

    But like your friend Irene, it is the mental sight of you sitting in the road telling everyone what to do and your remark to the lady who was going to give you a lift that made me chuckle. We have been friends for a long time now you always manage to make me laugh like Irene I do so like you please take care on the roads. xxxx

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