Posted by: madkentdragon | October 21, 2013

We’re All In It Together?

So the Honourable Members of Parliament insist that they need their 11% pay rise, thanks very much!

I will fully agree with this, because it means that we will all get an 11% pay rise doesn’t it? After all, they all keep telling us that “We’re all in it together”, so that means we all get an 11% rise doesn’t it?

If not – why not?

If we don’t will there be a general strike? Doubt it, but I’m beginning to wonder what austerity is all about, or does it only apply to the general public and not to the elite?

OK, I’m a pensioner, not a rich pensioner, but I know I will probably get a rise in my pension each year, but what about all those people who haven’t had a proper pay rise in years?

Drop their taxes and up goes utilities, price of food etc. –  you get my meaning.

How many of these employees get expenses for going to work like the MPs do? I certainly didn’t get subsidized for travel to get to my normal place of employment – but they can even have a residence near their place of work or near their constituency – and get their bills paid for it!

Once upon a time, MPs didn’t receive a wage for attending the house of commons but considered it a privilege to attend and represent their constituency, now it just seems to be a money making institution – not all MPs are this bad – but I would really like to see their expenditure for day to day living – I’ll show them mine in return.

So Having now bored you with my rant, may I suggest one thing to you all, write to your Member of Parliament and ask why they need this enormous rise and ask them if you can have the same – after all “We’re All In It Together” aren’t we?


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