Posted by: madkentdragon | December 13, 2013

Farewell 2013 – Here’s to 2014

OK, I’m a bit premature with this, but I thought I’d better get my two penny worth in before wiser and better people than me do their thing.

If any of you have followed my blogs or tweets, you will know that this has not been the best of years for my family or me – but one thing it has taught me is that we survive.

It’s taught me several other things as well – always make sure your windows are locked! Obvious? Well yes, I know – but when you are tired and can’t reach properly, it doesn’t work that way! But I did learn that my sons care about me and my youngest came racing to my rescue, this meant so much more than the goods I lost.

Property can be replaced, but my family’s support could never, ever be replaced! Thanks son!

I’ve also learned that if the NHS let you down, but you have a good GP who will come out no matter what the time, you are really fortunate. And when that GP fights tooth and nail to get you the best treatment available which saves your life you are the most blessed person in Wales. 

Thank you to the GP in Port Talbot who has rushed to my son and kept him alive countless times in the last six months, this mum really appreciates it.

For the third lesson – one of the simplest lessons that you are taught from a young age; remember the green cross code – forgetting it hurts! But I also learned that good friends rally round and help you – thanks Mags!

I’ve also been teaching Silver Surfers and I’ve learned that retiring for them doesn’t mean slowing down; country walks, bowling, curling and trips out keep them busy in their Active Retirement Association – with the emphasis on Active!

One set of people that I originally missed out – my Facebook and Twitter friends who I have learned can be very supportive – even though they have never met me – thank you.

Yes the years been a bit rough on me – but when I look at what I’ve written, it’s been good to me with the kindness of friends and family and I want to take these memories as well as the lessons in to 2014, so bring it on!



  1. XXX ;o) XXX

  2. You mention Twitter and Facebook: there is a problem with being busy in old age, Pat, and that it getting your priorities right. You seem to have got yours right for you but I am not sure I have for me and two areas that I have had to pull back from are Twitter and FB since both take so much time away from other things I think are a bit more important. My apologies to thise who, as a result, I seem to be ignoring.

    Meanwhile, have a wonderful Christmas, enjoy the sons and have a better 2014.

  3. thanks for your mention – twitter and facebook – I may not have always been on there every week as like you this year has not exactly been good for me but you are still here so to a friend I have never met but one who I value MERRY CHRISTMAS XXXXXX

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