Posted by: madkentdragon | January 7, 2014

Welcome to the new Dickensian Era

I know most of the cabinet were from private schools and Oxbridge universities and often wore frock coats, but do they really have to take us back to the era when this was the suit of choice for the upper class – the Dickensian era?

You see, I’ve been listening and watching with despair all these cuts and helping “hard working people” – which hard working people are they talking about?

The well paid middle management or the many people who have to exist on the minimum wage, those who really need the housing benefit because they have no hope of buying a house?

Well, these hard working poor are still working and are just as much the “hard working people” as the middle management that all the help seems aimed at.

Imagine Bert, he’s a low paid council worker, never been unemployed, proud to bring his wage packet home – it may be a small wage packet, but he has earned it. He and his wife, Mary, have two children and Mary works, again on minimum wage, as a school cleaner.

They are fortunate, they have a four bedroomed council house and have been awarded Working Tax Credits and Housing benefit. They take their kids to the seaside on days out as they can’t afford holidays and manage to keep themselves debt free – just.

Well they did until they lost part of their housing benefit because they had a spare bedroom and their gas and electricity charges went up. Now they have to turn the heating down and cut out any excessive use of the electricity or the credit on the meters runs out before their salaries come in.

This family is trying its hardest to do the right thing, but there are no three bedroomed houses available in their area, they can’t afford to move too far away, because Mary works to walk and if she had to pay bus fares, it may not be worth her while working.

These two hard workers have had an occasional small wage rise, but were appalled when they heard that MPs were getting 11%  raise in their salary, especially as this came so soon after the deduction in the housing benefit.

As Bert would have said “The rich get richer and can have a second job, Mary, we just get poorer”

Then came the suggestion from one of the Power Companies’ manager that the poor should go to bed early and not drink so many hot drinks which was both insensitive and stupid.

I said at the start that we are returning to the time of Dickens, the hard working poor will be driven from their homes because they can’t afford their rent – it’s already happening look at Fergus Wilson. If these same workers come home to a freezing home and can’t afford a hot drink, will they die of pneumonia or hypothermia? Possibly because the hospitals’ A&E are unable to cope – shall I quote Scrooge here about decreasing the surplus population?

Not all who claim benefits are work-shy chavs, many are on the minimum wage or are being chased off of ESA by unfeeling agents of the government to justify their claims of too many on sickness benefit.

It’s time to wake up to the facts – not all hard working citizens can afford to buy a house, some need affordable rented accommodation without worrying about how to pay for the rent, and the poor shouldn’t have to beg like Oliver Twist for more – they should be treated with consideration, or given a living wage to survive on.



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  3. Well said. I’ll be sharing this. Thanks for the clarity with which you tell the story.

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