Posted by: madkentdragon | February 10, 2014

I Don’t Care Whose Fault It Is (Floods)

I have refrained from commenting on the floods but now I am so annoyed that I have to get it down on paper.

The attitude of those who are supposed to be in charge of dealing with/causing it has degenerated into school boy name calling – no real surprise there really, I was waiting for it.

What is annoying is that by the time each chair or whatever their title is this week has spent time with their spin doctors to come up with suitable denials or insults, the floods are getting worse.

Who cares who caused it now – let’s get it fixed and then hang out the culprits to dry once everything is back to how it should be.

OK, the rivers can’t be dredged now – and we all admit that it should have been done; as one farmer said if he had not kept his ditches clear he could only blame himself if his fields didn’t drain. However those ditches have nowhere to drain to.

We are now building on flood plains which as the name tends to show – flood – did builders or town planners take this into consideration and ensure that the foundations allowed for this or ensure that there was flood protection in place when they built?

I know of areas that cannot get insurance because the area is liable to flood, and has done – so why build there?

We’ve all seen the pictures of houses slipping into the sea, where’s the flood defences? Don’t we ever learn the lessons?

One rather large point that struck me is that we now have areas that resemble third world countries in flood, before you say NO!, remember this – most of the sewers have been flooded, so the water laying on those fields contain raw sewage, this can cause third world diseases. In Kent raw sewage, which has been filtered – not cleaned –  has been pumped into the local rivers from the sewers because it was better than it ending up in houses, this will end up contaminating the river course all the way to the sea – blue flag any one?

Do we have enough vaccines in this country for an outbreak of typhus or cholera, I’m not sure which one is which, but I know they spread fast and are caused by contaminated water – even the ground water is being contaminated – and in places bubbling up through to the surface.

I know things are tight financially all over most of the world, but defence of the health of the country – and financial health with all the roads and rails being blocked would have worked out cheaper than all the clear up operations.

Yes, we’ve had exceptional rainfalls, but would the problems have been a lot less had the defences been maintained – I think so!

So come on you naughty boys, stop poking your tongues out at each other, forget the EU mandates on water parsnip and get on saving the country from the biblical proportion of these floods.



  1. Way to go girl I wonder who we can sue for negligence of due care and attention to public health and safety 10 downing street ?

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