Posted by: madkentdragon | February 11, 2014

And What Did Your MP Do To Help During The Floods?

We’ve all seen pictures and TV shots of the prime minister, deputy prime minister and leader of the opposition as well as leaders of agencies – oh and of course Nigel Farage, standing in water that doesn’t quite reach the top of their pristine wellingtons.

But what have they actually done to help?

We’ve seen them all pontificating and much pointing of fingers, wringing of hands and calling of meetings – but what have they done to help?

Have any helped to pour tea at a rescue centre, hired a boat to rescue people or even filled a sand bag?

I’m sure that if they had the press would have taken full advantage of a prettily posed politician with a tea pot, spade or an oar and it would have been splashed all over the papers.

There are two reasons that I ask this  – the first is listening to two volunteers who set up a rescue centre off their own backs with no help from the authorities and were desperately trying to help – oh yes and there was the man who had driven from Essex to help in any way he could. So where were the politicians?

The second reason is when a politician did help and did not court publicity – remember that horrendous multi-car pile up on the Sheppey Bridge last year?

The reporters were all there commenting on the terrible scene, when one spotted the local MP and called him over – he arrived and was talking coherently about the accident, when the reporter noticed blood on his clothes.

He assured them it was all right, he wasn’t hurt, but had been helping out – he hadn’t courted publicity – just got on and helped.

I don’t care what party Gordon Henderson MP follows, what I do care is that he revealed a caring side and this surely shows how the publicity seeking poseurs reveal their true selves.

So MPs – What did you do to help during the floods?


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