Posted by: madkentdragon | March 8, 2014

Why Not International Equality Day?

So it’s International Women’s Day, but what does that actually mean? In the so-called enlightened world it’s a case of “Not those feminists again” and in the unenlightened world, who will take notice?

For all the conferences, publicity and pretty pictures of women enjoying life, there are women all over the world living in fear, ignorance and under the thumb of a male dominated society.

After all that, what will change?

For every picture of a drunk female in a mini skirt falling out of a club, there is a woman somewhere who can’t even go outside her front door without permission.

I’m not knocking those who choose to go out and get drunk – it’s their choice and they have the freedom to choose, but it’s not happening everywhere – even in this country.

There are not just ethnic minorities living under the heavy hand of their male relatives, there are also British women who are ruled by fear of fathers or husbands who would rise their fist to them if they dared to suggest a girls’ night out.

Yet this is meant to be a free, educated country, but it is also a country where parents still stop girls furthering their education because it’s a waste of money because they will get married in a few years.

Let’s face it, when political parties have to set targets to get enough women prospective candidates to stand in elections and edicts fly about to get women on to the boards of directors, we are not completely free.

When women apply for a job that has traditionally been in the male domain, they have to be twice as good as the next male candidate to get the post and then work twice as hard, because if she makes a mistake it will because she is a woman. Trust me on this, I was the only female in a male dominated job in the whole of the south of England – and that was only fifteen years ago. However, as the salary wasn’t that good, more women took the posts as men moved on to better paid jobs; the salary was adequate for me to keep myself on.

It’s time that women were on an equal footing to men, despite all the legislation we aren’t there yet – will we ever be? And if we can’t get equality, what chance have those in the male dominated countries got?


So stop celebrating “International Women’s Day” and start celebrating “International Equality Day”


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