Posted by: madkentdragon | May 7, 2014

Nigeria, Oil and Social Media

So finally some action is being taken for the captured Nigerian school girls, it’s only taken three weeks! Why?

Firstly lets look at the captors, the group called Boko Haram are against anything western and are ruled by medieval radical individuals who are frightened of social advance as demonstrated by the west.

It’s not only Christians and school girls that are under threat but also modern thinking muslims – which means that most British muslims could also be targeted. Women are regarded as chattels and definitely should not be educated, they are there for their men, nothing more and nothing less.

They recruit child soldiers and disaffected young men who are unemployed and therefore poor and hungry, once recruited they are systematically radicalised in return for food and a “meaning” in life. Using children as young as twelve is child abuse and ruins the rest of their lives.

I’m not very impressed by the Nigerian President who seems to have tried to sweep the whole problem under the carpet, but 200 school girls have left that carpet looking very lumpy; but he’s got an election to win and a front of economic success to perpetuate to the outside world.

Plus there’s the question of several million dollar’s worth of missing oil money that he’s got to duck! I hope some one confronts him over that as well as forcing his hand over these girls.

Mrs Jonathan wasn’t much help, she was sent in to mollify the missing children’s mothers and ended up getting their spokeswoman arrested and accusing them of inventing the whole thing.

To me this shows that the Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, has no moral fibre and certainly doesn’t care about the citizens of his country.

The girls crime was to want to learn – a basic human right – and as I’ve said time and time again, Education Sets You Free!

If a man is educated in this medieval based country, he may get a better job; but if a woman gets educated, she will also teach her children. Most women have at least four children who survive the first four years of life and a mother will start to open their minds to what is out there in the big wide world, so two hundred girls deprived of that education and thrust back a few hundred years means eight hundred children that won’t be educated – does that make sense?

Also most of the citizens own mobile phones with often better wi-fi than is available in rural areas here. So they then read lots of news, and to them, amazing new facts finally finding social media!

Now consider this, some of these girl’s mothers can also read and write and use social media, so while the rest of the world shook their heads in sorrow and forgot about it, they took to Facebook and Twitter and campaigned until the rest of the world sat up and decided to take action. Education alerted the world to this horrendous crime – and the world listened and joined in.

Apparently British advisors and special services have been trying to get permission to help find these girls for at least two weeks, but the president demurred until the US, a major importer of Nigerian oil, also offered to help. Now, three weeks after the deed, it’s not the missing girls who have motivated this president – but the fact that they may not be able to sell 40% of their oil to the US – that has motivated the rescue bid!

Finally I know that another eight girls have been stolen, but this begs the question of how many others were abducted before the educated women of Nigeria shone the light of social media on this?


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