Posted by: madkentdragon | May 23, 2014

I Made A Guess And Voted In The EU Election!

Well, I voted – didn’t have a council election in the borough so it was only the Euro elections – but I am still completely confused!

I searched the net to find out what actually happens in the EU parliament and to find out how many laws passed there actually affect the UK. After all was there ever a “straight banana” law – well no there wasn’t and I found even that confusing.

Some had websites telling me what they had done, some had websites that were obviously started with good intentions but fizzled out after a while and some – obviously the ones who had not been elected but were just full of their promises – which I took with a pinch of salt.

Now who do I vote for? Would it be UKIP – who want independence from the EU – so why are they there? Or one of the other lack-lustre parties? I won’t tell you who I voted for, let’s just say I voted for the party that I thought could do the least damage!

Sad although this is, I really had no other choice because I had very little literature on the candidates – how do I know if Joe Bloggs from Party A will not be one of those who would take advantage of the “sign in and disappear” ploy – or if Freda Smith from Party B will not fall asleep in the middle of the assembly – after all we’ve all seen those pictures!

Why didn’t the individual candidates introduce themselves – of course being from the South East, I knew one – a certain Mr Farage – but who were the others?

How can I vote for party representatives that I don’t know and have previously never heard of – now you know why I voted for the ones I thought could do the least harm!

I’m wondering if that’s why the vote was so low – if the candidates don’t make themselves known, even if it was in a joint party leaflet, it gives you the impression that they don’t care and only want to be elected for the salary!

I’m hoping that I voted the right way – but I don’t know – and yes I do want a referendum on whether we stay in or not!

I could go on about an organisation that can’t balance its own books and costs us a lot of money – but my final thought is this:

If you don’t get the correct information, how can you make an informed decision on the candidates?


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