Posted by: madkentdragon | June 15, 2014

No Mr Blair, We Are Not Sending Troops To Iraq

I have kept out of the “wars”/”uprisings” etc. in Syria because there are too many factions to judge who is right or wrong, but the destruction and the number of refugees is horrific and that’s without mentioning the civilian deaths.

But these new uprising in Iraq is another matter and I know I’m only a pensioner with her own views, but I can’t keep my mouth shut this time.

So Mr Blair, you say that the illegal (not approved by the UN) invasion into the country and the removal of Saddam Hussein has not caused this – I didn’t like the man and know that he was a corrupt dictator and bully – however you didn’t leave the country any safer when you all decided we’d done enough out there and we had secured the oil.

If we had done enough to justify all the deaths, injuries and ruined lives, why then did the army you trained up to defend Iraq turn and run at the first sign of this ISIS rebellion?

Were all the deaths for nothing, were all the injuries forgotten – you may have done so, but we haven’t – my own sons has PTSD because of the Iraq invasion!

You interfered into a country whose citizens have a completely different mindset to ours – think medieval England, think of the Protestant versus Roman Catholic burnings and uprisings or Spain versus Elizabethan England – that’s the mindset that is entrenched in the Middle East.

Yes, they can use You Tube, but a medieval person would be able to use a modern tool if someone showed him how. That doesn’t make them modern, just helps them recruit disaffected young men who are at a loose end and play violent video games.

If you want someone to go and fight them, go yourself – and take all the politicians who agreed with your weapons of mass destruction scam from last time – don’t waste the young people of this country on a country that neither wants us there or appreciates what we tried to do last time.

You tried to divert attention by saying we had to look out for those coming back from these countries who may try to be terrorists, fair enough we need to protect ourselves, but don’t use that as an excuse to send our troops there – or are they the “hidden weapons of mass destruction”?

No matter what reason you give, the only people in the west who would profit are arms dealers and manufacturers –  or you getting more work as the PEACE AMBASSADOR to the Middle East!

Keep our troops out!



  1. All true, Pat. We cannot make the Middle East *like* us when they don’t want to be. If they want to destroy themselves at this point there’s nothing we can – or should – do. Of course I feel for the innocent civilians caught up in the fighting but they are complicit in the attitudes that are bringing matters to a head. Have you seen ISIS’s list of demands which include the fact that women should never leave the house unless completely necessary? Seems to me that’s something many supposed moderates would agree with and so the distinction becomes even muddier.

  2. Agree with you one hundred per cent.

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