Posted by: madkentdragon | July 20, 2014

Why? My Questions on the World Today

I’m starting this “rant” with a disclaimer – I am not pro-war or unnecessary violence, I worked for an ex-service organisation for over 20 years and have seen the results of conflicts on the individuals.

Having said this I’m now going to ask “Why?”

In Ukraine at this terrible crash scene, why haven’t the UN, NATO or Europe gone in and secured the scene?

Why have these rebels been left to trample over the scene and cause untold harm to the site and disrespect to the bodies that were living talking beings only a few hours earlier?

These people are rebels – an occupying force, and should be made to move away from the site – not left to rule it!

Why didn’t Russia send an air disaster investigating team in – apparently they have the best teams in the world?

The world was able to get teams into war torn Syria to find the chemical warfare sites and factories, so why not secure an international disaster scene?

Are they all too scared of Putin who seems to be morphing into Stalin? Why hasn’t Merkel done more – she seems to be “ruling” the EU? Is she still under the thrall of Russia – she was born in East Germany when it was part of the USSR?

Why haven’t the world shouted more? Why are they all so scared of Putin and his thugs?

Why was there not a “No Fly Zone” set up over the area of conflict?

Why can’t the UN/NATO/Europe set up a buffer zone between the two sides?

Finally on this one – why is Putin allowed to tell the Russians so many lies on this via the TV or radio?


Then we have the Israel/Palestine conflict again!

Israel has a right to protect herself from the constant bombardment by Hamas rockets and missiles, but why have they been so heavy handed?

Why did Hamas refuse the ceasefire offered by Egypt – Israel had agreed to it?

We don’t hear of many casualties in Israel because they have protection by their “Iron Dome”, but the rockets from Hamas are unceasing – why?

Hamas base their rocket launchers and weapons amongst their citizens – why?

Do they have so little regard for their own people, because any country under attack will try to blast the site of a rocket launcher – but civilians end up being killed because they live next door to the site – why?

Is it time for the UN to intervene?

I could go on about Nigeria not sorting out Boko Haram and the missing school girls – but I’ve said enough for now.




  1. Totally agree Pat – so many questions and never any answers.

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