Posted by: madkentdragon | January 2, 2015

My Wish List for 2015

My wishes for 2015;  OK these are a bit of wishful thinking on my part – but how many of you would agree with me?

I’m doing them as a list as they cover my wishes about everything that I can think of – some fanciful, but most straight forward. Here goes!

  1. To qualify as a candidate for consideration as an MP the person must have worked in the “Real World” as a factory hand/health care worker/ junior office clerk/shop worker
  2. Any MP who wishes to be attached to the MOD must have served for at least 3 years in the armed forces – and not behind a desk.
  3. All interest payments on Private Funding Initiative for hospitals to be tied to the base rate of the Bank of England.
  4. Any MP wanting to be attached to education must have worked for at least one year as a class room assistant
  5. All bonus payments to be abolished, in their place should be an enhanced monthly salary for those who deserve it.
  6. GP surgeries to be open at weekends and in the evenings, as should dentists and other medical practitioners
  7. All citizens who have committed fraud should face justice and that includes MPs and their ilk.
  8. Police numbers to be increased, but only if they are frontline staff. The paperwork should be reduced by removing all unnecessary forms.
  9. Late night ambulance staff to be issued with stab vests
  10. All employees should receive the basic living wage as a base line. If a company needs help, then let the government help them.
  11. ATOS to be abolished and replaced by a panel of GPs, all applicants to this panel should not have benefits withdrawn and must be treated as human beings.
  12. All benefit offices must be able to employ enough staff so that claims are dealt with properly and with no delay. A six week wait for working tax credits is not acceptable.
  13. No football ground should charge supporters more than an average day’s pay for the working man.
  14. All Premiership teams must employ 75% home players, to ensure that the Home Countries have enough well trained talented players to represent their country.
  15. The evil of Jihadism to be wiped from the face of the earth
  16. A cure for all as yet incurable illnesses


If I’ve upset anyone with my list, why don’t you do your own – now I’ll get my head back out of the clouds and get on with the real 2015.



  1. I’ll second that list Pat.

  2. Brilliant, agree with you 100%.

  3. sounds good to me!

  4. […] Many MPs have never worked in “the real world” and cannot see past the frosted glass windows of the ivory tower – I think all politicians should have to do at least three year’s work outside of the political circle. See my blog, “My Wish List for 2015” […]

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