Posted by: madkentdragon | April 14, 2015

The Old Bat’s Manifesto

I am showing no political bias here, just some common sense/insanity garnered over my last LXVII years combined with irritation over the negative campaigning and empty promises that I have heard over the decades.


All government departments to submit to an independent audit at close of government prior to the re/election of the new government. This will stop any silly notes being left and will establish the exact state of the country’s purse.


  • A new house to be built for any house sold off – no excuses
  • Any house sold cannot be resold for at least 30 years, to prevent profiteering.
  • If a house is no longer needed after it has been sold, it should be taken on by the council under the Private Sector Leasing Scheme until the proscribed 30 years have expired. No profiteering and a useful outcome.
  • All private housing built must also include contributions towards facilities for schools and doctors’ offices
  • When housing is built, roads, utilities and traffic must be assessed to see if it needs to be updated by 2 independent companies.


  • All companies that employ over 250 employees must pay the Living Wage for all employees whether full or part time workers.
  • All companies with over 250 employees must not operate a zero hour’s contract policy. Any employee on such a contract must have their hours examined and a contract issued for the average number of hours worked over the last 3 months. Sickness must be considered as average hours worked.
  • Any company with between 50 and 250 employees must present a good case for not applying the Living Wage and also the zero hour’s contract policy.


  • All PFI interest payments to be reduced and tied to the Bank of England Interest Rate, this will reduce payments significantly and the funds released can be used to help employ more medical staff.
  • All GPs should be required to work at least one Saturday and one evening a month, this will reduce the need to hire staff in at highly expensive rates and allow patients to see doctors who know their problems.
  • All GP Surgeries should operate a “Walk-in-and-wait” clinic every morning, with appointments made for afternoon and evenings. This will enable more patients to see a GP when they really need to and not to have to wait for an appointment. This system does work, my GP uses it.
  • All hospital office roles to be examined and audited to see if they are really needed.
  • All carparks to be taken back in house, the money raised to be used to ensure all wards are properly staffed.


  • All welfare claims to be assessed within 7 days, if this has not been done through no fault of the applicant then an interim payment of £50 should be paid to cover emergencies. This fine is non-returnable and is not to be deducted from any future payments; neither can it be reclaimed if the application fails. Waiting to hear about a claim restricts people’s ability to move on. For each week the claim is not decided, the fine payable to the claimant will be doubled.


  • All PCCs to be abolished and a voluntary committee of retired police officers to be established for oversight of all necessary duties. The money saved to be used to pay for more police officers.
  • 50% of all fines paid to go into a fund to pay for further police officers.

Armed Forces

  • An examination of the state of our Armed Forces to take place, this to include all circumstances for deployment and to establish a properly equipped and fully funded force of the appropriate size, considering all the global instability.
  • A nuclear capability must be maintained, but this must be with the correct information available to us and with the appropriate equipment.


Well, I’ve probably missed some things out and upset some people, but – we can’t all agree all the time!



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  3. ok way to go girl madkentdragon for PM…. You have basically hit the nail I would add making sure we are well defended aircraft carriers come to mind. Making sure that IF Scotland gets independence they understand they are completely on their own no defences, weapons, monetary help from England, NHS, OAP they have to find every penny to pay for everything, and that none of their mp’s can sit in the English parliament. but that’s just me.

    • Thank you, I knew I hadn’t covered everything – but I’m only an amateur!. Hope you are well

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