Posted by: madkentdragon | May 9, 2015

2015 Results

Well, the polls certainly got that wrong didn’t they? Have often wondered who or what or where they question people and if those people actually say what they think you want them to say. 

To me it wasn’t really surprising, the Lib-Dem result was the only real shock – I knew that they would lose seats, but that was more than expected – why? 

OK, let’s go back to 2010 – this was the first election that I really had time to take time to study it all as I had just retired. Firstly was this new “kid on the block” – Nick Clegg, a great orator (perhaps he could now go on the public speakers’ circuit), there he stood on his little molehill promising free tuition and it worked, suddenly there were a lot more Lib-Dem MPs in the house. 

However, when the opportunity to help prop up the Tories in government, Nick grabbed it with both hands! Bye-bye free tuition fees, it’s so different being a party of protest in the House to being in power. 

The shoes are so much bigger and it’s not your hand they want to hold, it’s your shoulders they want to climb on to get their policies through. Yes, you did raise tax thresholds and other good deeds, but it wasn’t in your name, was it? 

And the bright yellow colour you were proud to sport has slowly faded and has turned to a “lighter shade of pale”, so now you’ve got to go and regroup, why would they trust you again, the stain from those student fees will take a long time to eradicate. 

Then there’s Labour, sorry Ed, you are probably a great and intelligent man – but your publicists let you down, badly! Too many photo opportunities went wrong, sometimes it seemed as if you were badly briefed and there were two spectres leaning over your shoulder.

One was the bank melt down and Liam Byrne’s stupid note – he’s certainly kept a low profile since then – and the second was the SNP. 

Nicola Sturgeon vowing to back you and get Cameron out certainly did you no favours, Ed. It was every Englishman’s worst nightmare that this lady, who would not have even been sitting in the House, would have been standing on Ed’s shoulders directing more money over the border whilst our belts were tightened yet another notch. No free prescriptions and university fees south of the border, so why should we vote for Labour and let the SNP take more money to keep this going north of the border? Would we revisit verse 6 of the National Anthem? 

So you see, it wasn’t that we didn’t like you, Ed; we were just more frightened of the SNP, austerity as it is, is bad enough; but we couldn’t and wouldn’t discriminate against the rest of the UK to favour one part. 

I’m no political pundit and I’m a bit of a floating voter, but my thoughts were we’ve chosen the best of a bad bunch of options in the hope that “things can only get better”






  1. They will only get better for the few & not the many.
    Your right, Ed did balls it up(no pun intended) & Libdems will never be seen again.

  2. Two questions, if l may, Pat – one to you and to Bewseychip and one to Bewseychip.

    One – and this is no more than my desire to know the answers (there is no other agenda): how many people do you know personally who have suffered from the ‘austerity’? I can claim only one and that was a bedroom tax issue finally resolved in the claiment’s favour but very unpleasant on the way.

    Number two: how can an improvement in the nation’s wealth do other than (a) make it better for all and (b) always favour some over others – since that is what had always happened. Two of my near neighbours now have jobs – on zero hours contracts and both for the first time since leaving school – and are so much better off than before both financially and, more importantly, mentally and emotionally. Mind you, they are on minimum wages. They have been taken on by an enterprising young man who has started up a market garden selling the produce (when it comes which will be soon) from a stall in the local market. Would it be better to insist they enjoy higher wages and improved conditions bearing in mind that in such a case their jobs would soon disappear?

    • Thanks, Rodney. I have known a couple who, having got part time jobs had to wait a long time for working tax credits – this was apparently due to Govt. cutbacks on staff, made life very difficult for them.
      Bedroom tax is a moot point for me as private tenants such as me have had to pay “bedroom tax” for at least five years before it was extended to council tenants; I do know one or two who complain about it, but no one who’s in trouble over it

  3. It does seem that most of the problems are caused by the administrators rhan by the regulation. This is a disgrace and it should be easy to control but is actually very difficult. I doubt the problem is staff cuts. More likely not very good people being asked to do demanding and emotionally difficult work. You see something similar in the NHS.

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