Posted by: madkentdragon | May 28, 2015

When Life Throws You Lemons

Now let’s get this into perspective, I’m 67, overweight with COPD & Diabetes. Oh, yes, last September (2014) I gave up smoking and was over the moon when I could walk up a steep incline to my local shop without stopping – in fact I was so thrilled that I rang my kids to tell them!

So when I started puffing & panting, I thought I wasn’t clearing my lungs completely and that my heart was echoing through the junk in my lungs.

I went for my regular appointments with both my nurses, Helen who deals with my lungs and Cherry who deals with my diabetes; the girl who made the appointments sort of messed it up & I had to leave Helen to see Cherry after I’d only seen Helen for a couple of minutes – no time for anything to be discussed as both appointments had been booked for the same time!

Anyway, I arrived in Cherry’s room and the first thing she did was slap the blood pressure cuff on – first it didn’t work – so we made the usual zombie or ghost cracks, but then it all went pie shaped – my pulse rate was 127 beats per minute!

With both Helen & Cherry & then a GP dancing attendance on me, an ECG was performed which seemed to indicate that I have atrial fibrillation but I had to have more tests.

I left complete with Warfarin and some other tablets in a taxi – my head was spinning, the anguished cry from Cherry about it not being fair after I’d managed to give up smoking echoing in my ears and I sat at my table and cried – at that moment, I could have definitely done with a cigarette!

I had originally started this as a whinge fest, but that’s not me; I’m no one special, but I’m a fighter; so I went to all the appointments for tests and eventually came out the other end sitting in front of a cardiologist who told me that I have atrial fibrillation and gave me a prescription for yet more pills and told me he would write to the surgery.

The wonky beat of my heart is not life threatening but is a bit life limiting; walking up hills will have to be taken one step at a time – ha ha! But with the use of a friendly taxi service, I’m getting there. I know taxis are quite expensive, but as I can’t use the ancient one’s bus pass before 9.30 am, and most appointments are early – a taxi door to door for £3 each way is justifiable when the bus fare plus a walk both ends is £2 each way.

As many know, I have been helping silver surfers get on the net and have the confidence to email and basically surf the wonderful world of the computerised window shopping; this hasn’t stopped – it can’t when you have finally got someone who poked at a computer with one finger – a bit like poking a wild animal – now emails and has just identified where she wants to go on holiday next; but she has to get hubby’s agreement over that!

Now we’re opening an internet café – nothing fancy, it’s in the local youth club and will only be open a couple of mornings a week to start with – and I’ve more and more students wanting to come along – yippee.

Yes, I’ll take it easy, but I’m not going to sit and wait for another part of my body to break – that way madness lies – but life goes on and if you want to live it, you go on with it.

Thanks for reading this and remember when life throws you lemons, grab them and make a lemon meringue pie. x




  1. Good for you, Pat. As my old pa-in-law used to say, ‘don’t let the buggers get you down.’ It’s tough though.

    • Thanks, yes it is – but I can’t do nothing. Take Care

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  3. Sorry to hear about your little flutter… but so glad you are not giving in xx

    • No point in giving in and thank you x

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