Posted by: madkentdragon | October 26, 2015

Welcome To the Workhouse in the 21st Century

So the government want to reduce working tax credits for the “hard working poor” – sorry, weren’t they meant to be supporting them?

Shame they’re taking this money away before the new national living (ha ha) wage comes in, isn’t it?

So dear government:

You want to get people off benefits? Well come down from your ivory tower and consider this – what will happen when a large number of these workers decide to have their hours cut to under 16 hours a week – you know they can claim more then – don’t you?

Then the employers will have to look for more workers – but most will be too frightened that they won’t be able to manage so they will look to eastern Europe and employ them, they will probably get housing benefit as well and then they can claim child benefit for the children they have left with their mothers in eastern Europe. A bonus for them!

So now we have loads more Brits on the dole or working less hours and claiming benefits and housing benefits and school dinners as well as paying out monies for the new set of employees, housing benefit and child benefits – doesn’t add up does it?

Those who try to brave it out, well what if they don’t need the free child minders that you’ve promised (won’t they cost a lot?), will they get help with school meals, rent and council tax?

Sorry, you millionaires at the top who cannot see those you have turned your noses up at, you need to go to Spec Savers because you are going to see rickets and malnutrition and families out on the street as they can’t afford either the rents you laugh at nor the mortgages that you praise.

If you want to save money, look at the winter fuel allowance; the means test is already there – Council Tax Rebate is a fair one don’t you think?

If not – when will you be rebuilding the work houses – oh wait, when you have finally destabilised the NHS you can use the hospitals as a substitute.

Hello, my name’s OLIVER TWIST!



  1. It doesn’t make sense, does it? A lot of this is just crazy. I mean, it is ridiculous, that people from Europe can go to the UK to work, and have child benefit sent to every child they have out of the country, yet, I read somewhere, that pensioners are being told to stay in this country to receive the pension they worked for. How true this is, I’m not sure, but this is all madness. And it certainly does not add up. Sigh…

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