Posted by: madkentdragon | October 31, 2015

The Ultimate Discrimination

So women have still got to pay a tax for being a normal functioning woman with VAT added to sanitary products (tampons etc.) but men don’t have to pay VAT on razors – but even there, there is a discrimination within a discrimination – change the colour to pink and as a woman you pay more!

This is the governments – past and present – breaking its own laws; it is, after all, illegal to discriminate against a woman for being a woman; and this is what is happening here.

I don’t want this made a party political thing – because to be honest none of the three main parties have done anything about this when in power, and it’s time it was made a free vote so that a woman’s human right to be a normal functioning woman is not penalised by this discrimination and voted on freely.

Come on you women’s rights groups, why haven’t you taken this to the European Court of Human Rights?

Of course, the other alternative is for every young woman to have a hysterectomy so that they don’t need these products –  a loss of that VAT? But this extreme method would mean no children to continue this country – even China have recognised this is a problem.

So come on government stop this discrimination!


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