Posted by: madkentdragon | December 10, 2015

Make Of This What You Will …

Make of this what you will – it’s personal but may help others. No it’s nothing to do with my heart – am starting to get impatient over that – but what will be will be. Although as I’m on Warfarin, it’s a no Brussels Christmas – something to do with vitamin K so I’m told.

I have just donated over 500 books to a local charity – yes 500!

Why? Well I’ve finally realised that I don’t need them, it’s taken me 13 years to realise that.

It all started when I moved in with my now ex-husband, you see I brought my books with me in a little old fashioned book case. Within a year he had given it away, wasn’t sure why then – but I’ve come to the conclusion it was because it took my attention from him; he just about managed not to get too jealous about the babies, but books and magazines were definitely out. Newspapers were allowed, but he had to read it first.

As time progressed, I learned how to cope – you put the book down as soon as he walked into the room and sighed when he realised you had a few and they got sold at the local boot fair.

Yes, you’ve guessed it – when I ventured out into the world by myself, I started buying and reading books, lots of books and I couldn’t bear to part with them. A friend gave me a pile of Mills & Boon and I didn’t mind giving them away because my taste was mysteries and detective stories and did I enjoy reading them!

But something’s changed – make of it what you will – I’ve just given every tome away, well I’ve kept the one that my son James wrote and the one that’s got a short story written by me, a small book of poetry and my Bible; oh and the couple I’ve just bought. I promise I won’t keep them.

You see, this was an act of defiance which is now pointless – who do I have to prove anything to? I’m content with my life – well apart from my heart – so I’m just going to be me, hope you will be too.



  1. you reckless woman you lol xxxx

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