Posted by: madkentdragon | March 12, 2016

To a Grandson or Daughter from a Silver Surfer


From A Silver Surfer


Dear Grandson,

I know you giggle when you see me peer a little closer to the computer screen and my finger hovers a little too long over a button.

Be patient with me, you see you grew up with these wonderful things, learned them at school and probably played games on a computer before you were old enough to go to school.

When I went to school all I had was pen or pencil and paper, we didn’t have computers, Xboxes, mobile phones that seem to do so much and neither did we have computers.

I remember buying a calculator for your father and his brothers and watching them play about with them – making the word “ESSO” and other words which were a bit naughty when they turned them upside down.

I think your Dad and Uncles were about 11 or 12 when the first ZX computer came in and then they had an Atari – but this was more of a games machine. When they started work, they soon learned to use a computer; but when I started work we only had an adding machine that you cranked with a handle on the side – oh and a typewriter that didn’t have a spell checker!

So when you see me poking at the keyboard with one finger, remember I am learning what you knew from a very young age, in fact my generation have seen the world change a lot and it takes time to get used to it.

But, dear Grandson, remember this – your generation are using wonderful machines that were invented by clever people from my generation who only used pen and paper!





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