Posted by: madkentdragon | May 2, 2016

Hitler was a Good Propagandist, but not a Zionist

I’m really fed up with this Zionist versus anti-Semitism rubbish that’s going around. Let’s get a few facts straight shall we?

To call all Jews Zionists is the same as calling all British BNP – or whatever their latest incarnation is – to do this is a racial generalisation.

Now the claim that Hitler was a Zionist – forgive me whilst I burst out laughing! The swastika on the Zionist medal is as good a piece of propaganda as the swastika stamped on the back of some Royal British Legion badges – yes there are some like that.

The Legion badges resulted because of an initiative by WWI veterans travelling to Germany to meet with German WWI veterans they had all heard rumours of war and they hoped that if they combined against it, then perhaps it wouldn’t happen.

They were rather naïve as Hitler feted them, and being the prime propagandist he was, used it for his own advantage, I presume the Zionist badge probably suffered the same fate.

Hitler was no Zionist – he hated the Jews and did everything he could to make them uncomfortable in their own country, he just wanted them out!

After Hitler took power, he needed someone to blame for the hyperinflation and financial woes, so he blamed the small population of Jews. He hated them and wanted them out of his country, to persuade them to leave, in 1933 they were prohibited from any job in the civil service and he encouraged ordinary employers not to employ them.

This resulted in some emigrating, but to many it was a phase that would probably pass; more left in 1935 when they were stripped of their citizenship and it was the most stubborn, elderly and those who could not afford the fare to leave who were left.

Of those who left twelve thousand were Polish, four thousand were let in, the other eight thousand were left at the border in poor refugee camps – sound familiar. Of course when Hitler invaded Poland they were not safe any way.

They continued to live in the Jewish Quarters in each city, but then in 1938 came Kristallnacht which literally translated as “Night of the broken glass”. Encouraged by the SS, the German public attacked all Jewish property and with the shouted “Jews out to Palestine” destroyed all things Jewish and many Jews.

Retreating to the Jewish Quarter, the people thought they were safe, even if they had to live in the slums and poorer properties. These where the ghettos where the Jews tried to keep law and order, many still thought it would soon be over. After all concentration camps were for slave labour in the shape of political prisoners, Russian captives and “deviants”.

Well, they were right for a while, but as those pesky Jews were still in the country and weren’t f Aryan descent, they had to go – so they got rounded up – fittest first into the camps.

Of course if you became ill or broken because of the heavy labour, you could be killed. But the main extermination started in 1941, the extermination camps were founded to rid the country of all slaves who were considered unable to work – but the Jews formed the greatest proportion and were sent without medical examination to be killed.

I’m not going to recount all that happened next – you can look this up yourselves, but I really, really don’t think Hitler was a Zionist.


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