Posted by: madkentdragon | May 27, 2016

Dear Boris and Dave

As you can tell – unless you’re from another planet – this is a whinge about the referendum.

I and most of the people I know are really fed up with this scare mongering.

You know what I mean – shock, horror if we leave the moon will fall – OK Chicken Little – if you say so.

If we stay, we can build a wall round Britain to keep everyone out – have a look at the Romans and how they built and maintained Hadrian’s Wall.

I want plain actual facts please. Facts like how much will we save/lose by staying in/going out and the facts and figures to prove it.

I want proven facts – not speculation – on what will happen if we stay/leave.

Where are these, please – because all we are getting is oration after oration on the (what was it called) – oh yes “Shock and Awe”!

Do you realise you have burnt our ears so much that we are only cherry picking what we listen to, and that is often down to personalities?

Yes, you have both shouted so much that a lot of people will vote on the person they like, or is in favour on that day.

I know how I’m going to vote, but that is – as it should be – between me and my postal vote.

So come on lads, give us REAL FACTS AND FIGURES – not speculation!


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