Posted by: madkentdragon | August 11, 2016

No Love Lost in Labour

So Labour has claim and counter claim in the courts, what on earth for? It certainly isn’t showing them as a unified party – even the unions are choosing opposite sides!

This isn’t portraying the party in a good light to the floating voter, is it?

Now I don’t care whether you’re Labour, Lib-Dem or even the Monster Raving Loony Party, I hope that you will agree with my opinion that every government needs a unified opposition as a counter-balance.

I don’t even care, for this example, which party is in power, but the opposition party is there to stop or moderate the more extreme acts proposed by the governing party.

You may not want to admit it, but the Lib-Dems did this whilst serving in the coalition – it’s obvious by what came out from the government once they were gone – that this did happen. So although the opposition was there, it had some of its job done for them.

Now we really do need a coherent opposition – not a bunch of in-fighting politicians. Even if you have a break away party – it’s happened before – let’s get this thing sorted before parliament returns. You may find it necessary to form an opposition coalition if there is a break away, just do it!

Come on children stop squabbling over the best apple on the tree, shake hands and play nicely – even if you sort out your leadership battle by “eenie, meenie, miney mo”!

By the way, I’m a floater – so I don’t care who is the leader – but I do care to have a well formed opposition.


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