Posted by: madkentdragon | November 29, 2016

Rail V Unions, What about the Commuters?

Rail strikes to the left of me, rail strikes to the right of me, so I’m going to hire some coaches!

The local firms here offer luxurious transport – no standing, free newspapers and coffee to help you start your day.

Let’s face it, I’m going to make a fortune whilst Southern Rail and all the unions slog it out – and hopefully keep the passengers, if and when they finally slog it out or stare each other into extinction.

On the coaches, everyone gets a seat and will not have their toes stamped on in the stampede to find that one non-existent seat and then stand squashed together like sardines all the way to town.

Yes, I’m going to make my fortune and those poor pawns stuck in the middle – otherwise known as passengers, won’t have to worry about losing their jobs or (as I’ve heard a couple of times) move!

Now the underground is going on strike – all the unions are worried about loss of jobs, but so are the commuters, I’ve heard them say so before you say that they aren’t. In the meantime, my pipe-dream will make me rich!

It’s about time the whole disastrous rail system is reorganised, whether it’s nationalised is not for me to say – but it was just as bad then – I know as I commuted in the 1960s and remember strikes from those times; but it just cannot continue the way it is.

Finally, both sides need to consider who will be sued when some poor commuter dies of hypothermia because they’ve frozen to death in these winter conditions waiting for that non-existent train!


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