Posted by: madkentdragon | January 2, 2017

No Resolutions!

We’ve all done it, made all these wonderful New Year’s Resolutions – to be thinner, richer, more sober, travel further – you know the score.

Why? You do realise that all those things that you resolved to do – you know those things that made you feel so happy and positive when you made them, will depress you and possibly make you feel worthless when you fail.

So why make them in the first place?

You wanted to lose weight a few months ago, didn’t you? OK Christmas added another couple of pounds and you feel like the numbers on the scale are plastered on your forehead – but why didn’t you start losing weight when you first realised it – and not wait until the new year?

Let’s face it – if you’d lost half a stone in the three months before Christmas, those two pounds wouldn’t be so much of a problem!

I know I can’t shout as I’m badly over-weight and I acknowledge it – losing weight is essential and yes, I did start losing it earlier in the year and being diabetic meant that not many mince pies etc. passed my lips – but the birds got fat.

Do I care, no not really – I just get nagged by my nurse – ha ha!

I’m me – who am I trying to impress with these resolutions – certainly not you – no disrespect intended, but you don’t know me from Adam – or Eve; no I would be trying to build up my own self-worth and for what purpose – to destroy it when I fail?

Instead I’m just me, no resolutions – certainly there are things that need improving in my life – but not just after the high and enjoyment of Christmas – that would depress me.

So why don’t you just be you? You are unique and special, if you must improve yourself do it but in a way that doesn’t change who you are, because that doesn’t need changing.

After all those skinny re-shaped by photo shop models aren’t real with every blemish eradicated and immovable foreheads caused by Botox.

Be real, be you, don’t change; look at yourself with a more positive attitude and things will get better without the need for useless resolutions.


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