Posted by: madkentdragon | March 23, 2017

March 22nd

I’m writing this not so much to jump on the bandwagon – not my style, but it occurred to me that we tend to take our safety for granted.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s no bad thing but last Saturday my hairdresser, who is Hungarian, was chatting to me about wanting to take her daughter to the Science Museum but was too scared because of “the terrorists”. I reassured her and said it was most unlikely and that her daughter was more likely to trip up a kerb and break her arm than be blown up by terrorists – and now this!

I still think that we are safer here than in most countries and the fact that the gun laws are so strict that this idiot couldn’t get hold of a gun – could you imagine the carnage that having a gun could have caused?

OK, perhaps I was getting too complacent, I was in the vicinity of the Hare & Hounds, Maidstone, bomb in 1975 – my windows shook and it was worrying, but that was then & this is now!

Do I give in – no I won’t this is England – fair enough there are idiots and terrorists about who are happy to take a life, but we will recover. We came back from the 2005 attacks which was so much worse than this.

I feel that the press tend to dwell on it too much, they make it sound worse than it was. I agree that it was bad, but it was only one man in a car with murderous intent and fortunately not that many were hurt.

I admire the people who went to help and I regret every death and injury, but more people have been lost in train accidents. By giving this incident over the top publicity, we are publicising the aims of people who want us to feel afraid.

Don’t let this happen – I will mourn the deaths and feel sorry for the injured, but I will also applaud those, like the MP Tobias Ellwood who went to the aid of those injured. But London still stands and people will continue to go to work no matter what and England is not afraid!

And we have some of the bravest policemen in the world!



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