Posted by: madkentdragon | June 4, 2017

Stop It

Just stop it! Stop the terrorism, yes – there’s no need for it.

But also stop the constant barrage of news about it – you are doing more harm than good.

Don’t you realise that these news report inspire a certain group of people in this country to act out hate crimes against those who are probably nothing to do with the attacks?

But what happens is that their children grow up hating, they hate what’s happened to their families and they hate the fact that people avoid them and treat them all as terrorists; this fans the flames of hatred which turns them towards those extremists who treat them as cannon fodder.

This is what ISIS and their ilk want – you have played right into their hands – don’t you see that?

These youngsters who have been taking their aggression out on violent video games now find the extremist sites on the net and are encouraged either to go and join them in the middle east or to be “martyrs” here.

Each time there is an attack, the news comes to a standstill and all cameras turn to the latest attack, then they are told “Look how famous you are, look how you are serving the cause”

For those who have been marginalised by those who hate all foreigners and the distrust engendered by the news reports, this is their chance to strike back and so it continues.

Incidentally, for those who want to blame all Muslims – don’t, it’s Ramadan and this forbids fighting – so these people aren’t even true Muslims any more than those causing the hate crimes are true Christians.

So, stop sensationalising these acts, treat them as you used to treat the IRA attacks – my local IRA attack in Maidstone didn’t merit more than 30 seconds on the news!



  1. Common sense personified as always, Pat. I wish people would get through their skulls that it’s about thought processes not labels – they’re all the same under the skin. And that there is no amount of accommodation we can make that will change their minds. They despise our history, culture, values etc., etc., & their minds seem to be sealed. Love, Jen xxx

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  2. Morning Pat finally catching up having read your blog I comment thus.

    What has been said is so much common sense that it is brilliant. Unfortunately the people who should follow this advice are the media and they dont give a and I quote “fury crack of a rats arse”. If they can make a sensation out of something they are happy. Yes we are all upset and indignant about these attacks and whilst in that frame of mind we forget that not all Muslims are bad everyone knows someone who is good and kind.

    Humanity is like a barrel of apples and the few rotten ones make it bad for all the others also remember in these attacks the terrorists kill their own and dont care.

    I think that this blog is brilliant it says everything clearly and logically, Remember as long as the terrorists can create divisions they win however if people get together and make a united stand they will loose. Listen to this voice of reason and start a unity that can spread

    Well spoken well written and as always nailed.

  3. Thank you for this, perhaps it’s my age but I’ve seen how “bad-uns” thrive on publicity and then right wingers make it worse – when will they learn?

    • Hi Pat its Carol unfortunately never they are the same as the ones they protect they want publicity the fact that these terrorists have murdered lots of people does not connect with them and thats a shame seems to me that in this day and age the bad-uns get everything and the victims nothing keep up the good work

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