Posted by: madkentdragon | November 4, 2017

How and Why do MPs act this way?

I have refrained from blogging on politics because there is so much going on – and a lot of that is “He says, She says” dirty politics, but this latest thing  – I just had to write something – if I offend then, sorry, but these are my thoughts.

So, another scandal has emerged from the Parliament Buildings; I have one question why?

How did this come about?

I wonder how these testosterone guided people managed to get elected in the first place – and it’s both sides of the house that has this problem, how did the selection committees choose these people to represent their parties at an election?

Did they know that this or that person was dodgy, had a bit of a reputation, or where they blinded by the pheromones oozing from these testosterone filled individuals? It makes you wonder!

Assuming that the person was a suitable person, they would all have quite a bit of “charm” to get this far – did they then see another person flirting with a young researcher/intern and, following the old rule of “Monkey see, monkey do”, think that it was acceptable behaviour?

A few years back, the whips would use these indiscretions as leverage to ensure that the miscreant voted when required to. Young women, not realising this would often complain to the whips and would be suitably calmed down whilst the name went in their little black book.

Call the police? Bring the reputation of the House down? Never!!

Now, in today’s more equal society, these things are coming to light – male and female victims – how many more will come forward?

I do have one problem with this – I’m wondering how many will come forward to complain about those already outed for other reasons? It does happen.

I would like to see the innocent until proven guilty rule apply – do your investigation first and then release the name, if more come forward their complaints can then be investigated and the guilty punished.

I’m not saying who is innocent or who is guilty – but evidence must be examined before a person is named, knee-jerk reaction on an innocent person can be extremely damaging.

However, I still want to know how and why these persons were allowed to be in this position where they had the freedom to perpetrate these horrendous acts.



  1. First this has mainly become a big issue as the press have nothing to write about at present so they are scratching the bottom of the barrel.
    It is not a new story and the extent has been exaggerated by including main consensual liaisonships by both men & women.
    In essence this is a problem that occurs in all parts of society and is not confined to MPs who are no more prone to such action than any other part of society.

    People abuse power wherever they are, look at your own blog you have the power to control who uses your blog and you abuse it by claiming false copyright (2009-2022) you cannot claim copyright in advance of you writing something but you have the power to do so and have exerted that power.
    I have a holiday job as a bus conductor and one route included picking up mill girls at the end of the shift. I can assure you those mill girls not only verbally abused me with their suggestions but also physically abused me in a way that would be viewed as sexual assault these days but was considered high spirits in those days.
    Yet none of those girls would have behaved in that manner when on their own

    It should also be remembered that standards evolve and what was often thought on as annoying behaviour is now unacceptable behaviour.
    This does not of course include the allegations of illegal acts that have been never been acceptable behaviour.

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