About me

I’m retired, having worked for the Royal British Legion for the last 20 years.

I have COPD, but that doesn’t stop me enjoying life.

Oh yes and I’ve got 3 sons and 16 grandchildren – won’t mention the great grandchildren!

I am now enjoying retirement and renewed my passion for history, not the type you learn at school, but history of real people and places. With encouragement from friends, I am attempting to write short stories, hope you like them.

All views are my own,  my life history is here – read with an open mind and an open heart.




  1. I disagree. YOU ARE VERY SPECIAL!!!

  2. Every single person is special and unique. You are (as Diana said) very special. Not many people are true to themselves and their beliefs – you just carry on being you 🙂

  3. You sound a charming caring lady

  4. Hi Pat – my Nan used to do voluntary work for the RBL (her only brother was killed in the war). All respect to you for what you’ve done for the RBL in the past and what you are doing now.


  5. Great to have found you Pat, even if a circuitous route from Carnforth via Anchorage. Look forward to keeping in touch.
    God bless.

  6. I am pleased to have found your blog and looking forward to reading much more.
    Please keep on letting us have your thoughts and concerns.

  7. hi mum YOU ARE VERY SPECIALme to us xx

  8. I have found it interesting reading your comments regarding the Royal British Legion Clubs.

    Can I, if I may ask you a question, that question being :-

    A Internet search on Rbl club closures shows a significant amount of club are being closed by London, after the sale the clubhouse is put up far sale, how can this be legal when a majority of the clubhouses being sold where originally purchased by the people of the town that the club represented, and the deeds handed over to the British Legion over time, the buildings where not bought by the Royal British Legion.

    • Thanks for that, I may be the wrong person to answer this as I’ve been retired for three years and my area was Kent. However I can put forward a few ideas, club members own the business and the deeds are usually in the name of the Branch, often a club has unofficially ceased trading but have not held the closing meeting – sometimes they don’t – and I have had to deal with all the paperwork to do with this, including websites, which haven’t been closed down.
      The ability to sell by HQ “on behalf of the Branch” although the money goes to HQ, depends on the deeds to the property and the covenants attatched to them. It could be that the covenant states that the money has to go for the welfare of ex-service in the area or – as one I dealt with which said the money had to go to the parish, or any other variation that you can imagine.
      There is a property department at HQ which deals with all the property issues and I understand that they are trying to sell of all unused or derelict properties, before they are liable for repair bills caused by vandalism. If a club stays open and there are mumurs of the property being looked at for sale; the club should go straight to the County and also the Membership Coucil to appeal it. If a club is thriving then it should be OK – but if you don’t use it – you could lose it.
      Hope this helps

  9. Dear MadKentdragon,

    I was reading your posts about the history of Kent and in particular about Maidstone. Excellent; thank you very much. I was wondering if you know anything about pollution on the River Medway in the 1870’s to around 1910 and if there were any efforts by the good burghers of Maidstone to clean the river up.

    I have an ancestor who ran a print shop just to the west of the bridge on the London Road, HC Pearson and Co between around 1880 and 1910 who might have been involved in this since I presume he needed water from the river. But there are no records in the modest family archives!


    Roger Pearson

    • I know it was badly polluted and was still so – but not as badly – into the 1950s. I’ll do some research and see what I can find out

    • I have spent most of the day researching this, but the only person that I can find with any connection is Bazalgette. However if you look at http://theweald.org/home.asp you may be able to trace more about your family history.

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