Posted by: madkentdragon | November 7, 2010

How You Get Your Poppies

Tucked away in the Royal British Legion Village is a warehouse, it is larger than 2 football fields, and at this time of the year it is nearly empty. Back in May it was full of poppies, wreaths, collecting boxes and wooden crosses and the other bits and pieces needed for Remembrance.

In front of this warehouse is an office where several harassed looking people are sitting with one hand on the computer and the other clasping a pen with a phone headset permanently stuck to their hair! This is part of the Headquarters of the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal which also houses the Poppy Shop and Poppy Travel and the place is buzzing!

People wanting extra poppies because they have already sold out or because they have forgotten to get their wreath are constantly ringing or calling in person to get the much needed items. Run out of collecting boxes, Remembrance Crosses, just ring in and even if they have to be sent out express, these hardworking people will try and get them to you.

Back in May, the people who organise collections in their villages or towns were sent order forms and from June onwards their orders for everything from 20 boxes with poppies in to bulk boxes of thousands of poppies are ordered and sent out, in fact a parcel-force trailer is permanently stationed there being filled by these orders and is replaced daily!

Now this last week before Remembrance comes the panic, Mr X has forgotten his wreath for the Royal Engineers and Mrs Y needs WAAF one – all the badged wreaths will have been sent out, so now badges have to be inserted before despatching. A village has run out of poppies and another 5 boxes need to be sent out or some more windscreen stickers are needed. It’s all go!

So when you buy your poppy or plant your Remembrance Cross or lay your wreath, remember those people who have ensured you get them, and how they sigh with relief when it’s all over, until all the collecting boxes, now emptied of all collections come back to be tidied and prepared for next year!



  1. Also read your blog properly Heart Feelings Dignity in a few Paragraphs Pure lov THANK you again XXX ;o) HUMBLE of Swansea XXXX

  2. Do you know, I had never even thought of the back end logistics of poppy arrangements. As you say, it is a pretty busy job in the run up to Remembrance Day.

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